The Verdigris House from The Apothecary Diaries explained

The Verdigris House is a well-known brothel situated in the Pleasure District in The Apothecary Diaries.

The Verdigris House is the most popular brothel in the Pleasure district and Maomao spent a lot of time there growing up.

The place is run by an old woman simply known as Madam, and is best known for “The Three Princesses, it’s best courtesans.

They are Meimei, Pairin, and Joka. Maomao and her father often provided medicines and aphrodisiacs to the brothel, and Maomao also carried out experiments with poisons.

The three princesses treated Maomao like a younger sister and doted on her. When she returned from the palace for the first time, they were all very excited to see her.

Visiting home

Maomao used one of the hairpins she received during a garden party to earn a trip back to her home, and offered the official accompanying her some time with one of the three princesses in exchange.

This put Maomao in debt with Madam, and she was asked to send more wealthy customers to the brothel to pay it off.

During her break, Maomao was called to treat the death of one of the courtesans and her client.

With her father’s help, she figured out the cause of the death and who was responsible.

Paying a debt

When Maomao was let go from the Jade Pavillion, she had no choice but to return home and work for Madam at the Verdigris house to pay off her debt.

Madam was keen to make Maomao a courtesan but the apothecary had no intention of becoming one herself and did everything she could to avoid that fate.

Her stint at the brothel ended when Master Jinshi bought out her debt and employed her at his quarters.

Maomao was enlisted to teach the new concubine, as well as the others the etiquette and responsibilities of a concubine.

She imparted wisdom based on her experiences at the brothel and shared techniques that would endear them to the Emperor.

When Lakan hears about Maomao, he tells Jinshi that he too has a history with the Verdigris house.

He talks of a specific courtesan he was particularly obsessed with, and how he lowered her value so that he could have her all to himself.

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