The System’s quest rewards in Solo Leveling explained

In Solo Leveling, the System rewards Sung Jinwoo when he successfully completes the daily quests.

Sung Jinwoo has a close brush with death when his group raids the double dungeon and encounters statues that are more powerful than they had estimated.

None of the hunters in the group stands a chance of defeating the statues, and most of them do not make it out alive. Jinwoo is one of the six survivors. 

He was the only living hunter left behind in the dungeon. After following the three commandments, he qualified to become a player of the System, a game-like program that no one else can see.

The System gives him quests every day, and Jinwoo soon realizes that it is not a mere game, as these daily quests have an impact on his real life.

Rewards provided for Jinwoo’s growth

The System is designed to assist in the development of its players. The daily quests consist of exercises that Jinwoo must complete without fail. 

If Jinwoo fails to complete the quests, he receives a penalty from the System; however, upon successful completion, he is rewarded. 

It is not just the quests that aim to make the player stronger but also the rewards that are earned by completing them.

There are three types of quest rewards that Jinwoo receives: Full Recovery, Ability Points, and Random Loot Box.

Full Recovery heals Jinwoo completely after he finishes the quests. It even takes away his exhaustion.

The System awards Jinwoo Ability Points that he can distribute to the ability of his choice. When Jinwoo adds points to his strength ability, his physical body grows stronger in real life.

Lastly, there is the Random Loot Box. For the first few days, Jinwoo only receives items such as pens and bandages, which are not of much use. 

Eventually, he acquires a key in the Random Loot Box, which allows him to teleport to an instance dungeon. 

Solo Leveling System’s quest rewards
The key from the Random Loot Box

Like all the other tasks assigned by the System, the instance dungeon is also a means to grow Jinwoo’s strength.

When Jinwoo fights the beasts in the dungeon, he realizes that he is indeed stronger than he used to be. Soon, he will not be the weakest hunter anymore. 

Becoming a player changes Jinwoo’s life entirely. The System gives him a once-in-a-lifetime chance to become the hunter he always dreamed of being.

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