The second test of the First Class Mage Exam in Frieren explained

The second test of the First Class Mage Exam is proctored by Sense, who has an unyielding reputation as a proctor.

Sense gathers the remaining 18 mages outside the Ruins of the King’s Tomb and congratulates them for passing the first test.

She then puts forth the conditions for passing the second test. Anyone who can make it to the bottom level of the dungeon will go through.

One of the mages comments that no one has ever returned from an expedition into the dungeon but Sense states that first-class mages are supposed to turn the impossible to possible.

When asked how their success will be confirmed, Sense says that she will accompany them on this journey.

She also hands out small glass jars with escape golems inside. If a contestant were to get hurt or incapacitated, they could smash the jar and the golem would carry them out.

The jars would automatically smash at dawn the next day, signifying the end of the test.

A perilous descent

Denken is the first mage to speak up, suggesting that they have a better chance of getting through if they work together.

One of the mages speaks about distrust and chooses to go alone, with others following the same strategy or sticking with their party members of the first test.

Wirbel goes along with his party, while Kanne and Lawine venture into the dungeon together.

Frieren figures that there’s no point hoping for the mages to work together and goes in with Fern. Sense decides to go along, predicting that they will have a safe journey.

Denken and his party are joined by two other mages as the last ones to enter the dungeon.

Frieren has experience in dungeons and tells Fern to map out the routes as they explore. As they go along, she collects all sorts of magical junk to much delight.

Fern wonders what gives her so much joy and she reminisces her times entering dungeons with Himmel and the others.

Himmel loved dungeons and would always explore an entire floor before moving on to the next level.

However, Frieren does constantly fall for mimics due to her exuberant curiosity and has to be freed from its clutches.

Denken’s party runs into gargoyles that attack them and one of the mages is thrown into a room with walls full of spikes closing in.

She is forced to break the golem jar and it enlarges before running out with her. The remaining mages move on.

Wirbel and his party are suddenly hit by some attacks and Wirbel sees copies of themselves. He dishes out a plan of attack to face these pretenders.

Denken and the others also encounter a copy of Laufen. They defeat the replica but in the next room, the come up against a replica of Frieren and square up for a tough fight.

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