The Founding Titan in Attack on Titan explained

The Founding Titan, a central figure within Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan, possesses abilities that transcend combat and influence the very fabric of its universe.

Here’s an examination of the powers and narrative significance of this paramount entity, revealing how it shapes the Eldian-Marleyan conflict.

Appearance and Combat

The Founding Titan, while variable in appearance depending on its inheritor, often stands around 13 meters tall. Unlike some of the other combat-focused Titans, its primary strength doesn’t lie in physical prowess but in its immense and unparalleled abilities that can reshape the world.

Memory Manipulation

One of the primary powers of the Founding Titan is its ability to alter the memories of Eldians.

With this power, the inheritor can rewrite history in the minds of the Eldian people, effectively controlling their understanding of the past. This has been used in the series to maintain order and control within the walls by erasing any memory of the world outside.

Titan Control

The Founding Titan controls the “Coordinate”, which is the point where the paths of all subjects of Ymir converge.

With this power, the Founding Titan can control other Titans and even command pure Titans to carry out specific actions. This ability is supremely powerful, as it allows the user to amass and command a Titan army.

Beyond creating Titans, the Founding Titan can also determine the size, characteristics, and abilities of the Titans it creates. This capability allows the user to create Titans best suited for specific tasks or battles.

Creation and Alteration

It can turn Subjects of Ymir into Titans. By screaming, the inheritor can transform any Eldian into a Titan, provided they have been injected with Titan spinal fluid, making it a potent weapon for both offense and defense.

Also, the Founding Titan has a deep connection to the Subjects of Ymir, with the inheritor able to influence or even rewrite their bodily composition.

The Founding Titan
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Limitations and Restrictions

A unique aspect of the Founding Titan is the ‘Will of the First King’, which is an ideological stance passed down to each inheritor that prevents them from using the Founding Titan’s full capabilities to alter the status quo within the walls.

This Will is potent, influencing the choices and actions of the inheritor, ensuring that the First King’s pacifistic ideologies and his vision for the Eldians within the walls remain intact.

In addition, the most significant limitation is that to unleash its full potential, the inheritor must possess royal blood. Without this lineage, many of the Founding Titan’s abilities remain dormant.

This restriction, combined with the Will of the First King, makes the true power of the Founding Titan elusive to most of its inheritors.

Narrative Importance

The Founding Titan sits at the epicenter of the Attack on Titan narrative. The mysteries surrounding its power, the secrets of the walls, and the history of the Eldian and Marleyan conflict are deeply intertwined with the capabilities of the Founding Titan.

The struggle for control over this Titan, given its immense potential, drives many of the series’ political and military conflicts. We see the founder Ymir, Uri Reiss, Freida Reiss, Grisha Jaeger, and eventually Eren, control this power in the series.

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