The Colossal Titan in Attack on Titan explained

The Colossal Titan is formidable among the Nine Titans in Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). Recognized instantly by its skinless body and towering size, it is one of the most prominent figures associated with the series’ unfolding narrative.

Appearance and Combat

The Colossal Titan is one of the most recognizable figures in Attack on Titan, standing at a staggering 60 meters tall. 

Its size alone makes it one of the most imposing of the Nine Titans. Its musculature is visible, but the skin is largely absent, exposing red, heated muscles that emit steam. 

This skeletal, muscle-exposed appearance creates an eerie and intimidating presence.

Steam and Heat Emission

One of the Colossal Titan’s most distinctive abilities is its capacity to emit large amounts of steam. 

This is not merely for visual effect; the steam can be released with such force that it can blow away nearby individuals and even deter would-be attackers. This mechanism acts both as a defensive tool and a weapon. 

The intensity and duration of the steam emission can be controlled, but it comes with the cost of the Titan’s muscle mass, making prolonged use a potential liability.

Beyond steam emission, the Colossal Titan can generate extreme heat from its body. 

This heat can be so intense that it can cause nearby objects to catch fire. Given its size and the expansive reach of this heat, it serves as an effective deterrent against anyone trying to approach or engage the Titan in close combat.

Transformation Impact

When the user transforms into the Colossal Titan, the transformation itself can be utilized as a weapon due to the tremendous release of energy. 

This explosive transformation can cause devastating damage to the immediate surroundings. Throughout the series, this explosive ability has been used strategically to wreak havoc on walls and enemies.

Strength and Size

The sheer size of the Colossal Titan grants it unmatched strength among its peers. 

Despite its relatively slower movement due to its size, its strength allows it to cause significant destruction with its actions, whether it’s kicking down a massive gate or simply walking through structures.

The Colossal Titan
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Memories and Inheritance

Inheriting the Colossal Titan, like with other shifters, lets the user access memories of the Titan’s previous holders. These shared memories provide continuity of experience and knowledge over generations.

Limitations and Weaknesses

The Colossal Titan, despite its enormous power, has its limitations. Due to its vast size, it lacks the agility and speed of the smaller Titans. 

This makes it a relatively easier target for the maneuverable ODM-gear-equipped soldiers, should they get close enough without being deterred by the heat or steam. 

The previously mentioned steam emission, while powerful, comes at the cost of decreased muscle mass. Extended use of this ability can cause the Titan to become skeletal and weak.

Narrative Importance

The Colossal Titan, operated by Bertholdt Hoover followed by Armin Arlert, serves as a central figure in the Attack on Titan narrative. Its first appearance, looming over Wall Maria after the destruction of the gate, sets the tone for the series.

Throughout the series, the mystery of its user’s identity and motives drives much of the plot, culminating in significant revelations that challenge the protagonists’ understanding of their world and their enemies.

With its vast size and unique abilities, it stands as one of the most iconic and formidable Titans in the series. 

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