Manabu Horikita’s plan in Classroom of the Elite season 3 explained

During the first challenge of the new year, Miyaba Nagumo extends a challenge toward Manabu Horikita in Classroom of the Elite season 3.

Ayanokoji’s class is the new Class C, and they are headed for their first challenge in the mountains with their new designation.

It is a mixed training camp where teams are comprised of students from different classes and years, and the teams will be tested on different criteria.

Miyaba Nagumo approaches Manabu Horikita and issues a challenge to the former head of the student council.

He wishes to see if he has surpassed his predecessor and puts forth his pride as the stakes for this challenge.

No trust in the wicked

Nagumo says that he would like to see whose team would get the higher aggregate score, and although Tachibana is skeptical, Horikita accepts.

The former president says that the challenge should remain between them and that no third parties must be affected by it.

Nagumo gladly accepts and walks off with a swagger.

After a few days, Horikita reaches out to Ayanokoji with a difficult request. He wants Ayanokoji to take out Nagumo and get Suzune on the council.

He doesn’t trust Nagumo and has the vice president, Kiriyama Ikuto serving as a spy and reporting to him.

He also made a deal with Kiyotaka to get Suzune appointed to the Student Council after covering up his fight with Ryuen.

Manabu Horikita has a man on the inside

Kiriyama says that Nagumo is letting the power get to his head, and the president wishes to turn the foundations of the school on its head.

Ayanokoji agrees to take on the task but remarks that this might not end up working in the favor of Manabu Horikita.

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