The Cart Titan in Attack on Titan explained

The Cart Titan, also known as the Cartman Titan in some translations, from the series Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) by Hajime Isayama, is one of the Nine Titans — a group of unique Titans with distinct abilities. 

This particular Titan is unique, not explicitly for raw strength or combative prowess, but for its utility, endurance, and specialized application. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown.

Appearance and Combat

This Titan is recognizable by its quadrupedal stance, which is different from the upright bipedal stance of most other Titans. This four-legged posture gives it stability and exceptional speed when moving across terrains. 

The Titan’s relatively smaller size, around 4 meters tall, combined with its horizontal body structure, allows for a low profile that’s hard to target.

Endurance and Speed

One of the Cart Titan’s primary abilities is its incredible endurance. While most Titan shifters can maintain their Titan forms for limited periods, the Cart Titan can stay transformed for extended durations, spanning days, or even longer. 

This stamina makes it invaluable for long-term missions, reconnaissance, or scenarios where sustained support is required. Also, while not as agile as the Jaw Titan or as powerful as the Armored Titan, the Cart Titan is quick, especially over long distances. 

Its quadrupedal design allows it to dash and maintain high speeds, making it efficient for quick attacks or retreats.

Memories and Inheritance

Like with all the Titan shifters, the inheritor of the Cart Titan gains access to the memories of previous shifters. This shared lineage can provide insights, tactics, or experiences from prior users, assisting the current shifter in their tasks.

Human Pilot Integration

The Cart Titan, due to its elongated form, has a unique position for its human pilot. 

Unlike most Titans where the human resides in the nape, the Cart Titan’s pilot is situated more towards its back, allowing the user to partially emerge and use weapons or communicate without fully exiting the Titan. 

This configuration further bolsters its role as a support unit.

Cart Titan AOT1
Image Source: Mappa


The Cart Titan’s design allows for a lot of adaptability. In the series, it’s often equipped with various rigs, armors, and weapons, transforming it into a mobile artillery unit or a supply carrier. 

This versatility is showcased during battles where the Cart Titan, equipped with guns and armor, supports other Titans and human troops from the rear, providing a continuous barrage of firepower.

Limitations and Weaknesses

The Cart Titan’s main weakness is its lack of raw strength and combative prowess compared to other Titans. In direct combat, it is more vulnerable, especially if caught without its specialized equipment or allies. 

Its reliance on additional gear for offense showcases this limitation. Additionally, like all Titans, the nape remains its crucial vulnerability, where the human pilot resides.

Narrative Importance

In Attack on Titan, Pieck Finger becomes the most notable user of the Cart Titan. 

Her intelligent application of the Titan’s abilities, combined with her strategic mind, strengthens the Cart Titan’s effectiveness in various scenarios, making it an indispensable asset to Marley’s military operations.

It might not possess the overwhelming power of some of its Titan allies, but it more than compensates with its endurance, adaptability, and utility in warfare. 

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