The Black Knight: The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic character explained

The Black Knight is part of the demon army with special abilities and they crave a challenge.

When Amila readies her battalion to attack the humans, she mentions that she will be sending the immortal mage of darkness, the Black Knight into battle.

They are eager to lead the vanguard into battle and are supremely confident that the battle will not last long, but Amila warns her about Rose and the Rescue Team.

A vision comes true

Usato was shown a vision that Suzune and Kazuki would fall during battle and he is worried that it might come true.

Once the battle begins, the Black Knight is dismissive of the humans and is attacked by a soldier who impales them from behind.

However, they are unaffected and the soldier falls instead. The Knight is about to kill them but he is rescued in time.

The soldier tells Rose about the Knight and she warns Usato. Meanwhile, the Knight and some demon soldiers take on Kazuki and Suzune.

Kazuki recklessly attacks them with a spell and hits their shoulder, but he is hurt on his shoulder immediately.

Suzune deduces that the Black Knight has reflective magic and any injuries it receives affect the attacker instead.

She hatches a plan with Kazuki to distract the Knight’s vision and attack it from behind and is momentarily led to believe that it works.

But she is tricked by the Knight who lures them and strikes them down just as was prophesied in the vision.

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