Taren the Guarded: Ishura character explained

Taren the Guarded, a major supporting character in the anime, Ishura, is a mighty figure who is among many at the center of a great geopolitical upheaval in the story. Romi Paku plays her in the anime.

Taren the Guarded was once one of the officials of Aureatia, who, after the fall of the True Demon King, declared independence for the regional city along the canal that she possessed.

She named the city New Principality of Lithia, and her plan now is to unify the world through fear.

Her declaration of independence also provoked a military action from the kingdom of Aureatia, and a war is but imminent.

However, Taren is not one to cower or fret, for she’s already busy with the preparations for an absolute victory.

To that end, she has enlisted the help of some extremely powerful individuals.

The personal

She is a one-eyed, wide-shoulder, well-built, and imposing person who doesn’t have much time for smiling or making idle chat.

She has adopted Curte of the Fair Skies as her daughter. She is a blind young girl who is one of the only two survivors of an attack by the True Demon King on her hometown.

Many call Taren the new, self-proclaimed Demon King, but it’s a nickname that is given to her by Aureatia.

Taren the Guarded and Dakai Ishura
Taren the Guarded and Dakai discussing business

“Creating plans to ensure the citizens of Lithia don’t suffer is my job” is what she says to a kid one day.

Her actions are congruent to her words, and she’s always busy with ensuring that no harm befalls her kingdom.

The official

Taren the Guarded has seen many battles, and she once belonged to the Twenty-Nine Officials of Aureatia.

She ranked as the Twenty-Third General when she was part of the council. She was an outstanding talent and excelled not just in literary and martial arts, but in politics too. 

When the True Demon King died, she declared independence from Aureatia.

Acknowledged as the self-proclaimed Demon King, she possesses her own military force and is preparing for a conflict with Aureatia. 

She is shown to be preoccupied with the thoughts and worries regarding the imminent war, brainstorming preparations and tactics all the time.

In the meantime, she has also kept some really formidable characters mobilized to keep the borders of Lithia safe and secure.

Breaches happen, but they’re eventually taken care of as well. To ensure that, she is willing to enlist the help of aberrant entities, i.e., the Shuras.

As soon as she smells that something is up with the frequent robbery of the cargo coming into Lithia, she suspects that information is being leaked to Aureatia.

Sure enough, she is right, and her resourceful help, the bandit Dakai gets the job done swiftly by taking care of the secret agents who have been leaking information.

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