Sunraku/Rakuro Hizutome: Shangri-La Frontier character explained

Rakuro Hizutome is the main character in Shangri-La Frontier, who is a teenager and a crappy game connoisseur. The character is voiced by Yuma Uchida.

Rakuro Hizutome is a quite normal student in real life, and apart from being a respectful person, he’s also quite joyous. His always smiling disposition and enjoyment of his games is what attracts Rei Saiga to him in the first place.

He can talk and talk endlessly about the weird games he plays and how he excels in them despite the inbuilt challenges they all offer.

Hizutome’s unique obsession

Rakuro Hizutome has a great affinity for crappy games that are rife with too many bugs and glitches.

Whereas the majority of people naturally go for mainstream games, Hizutome indulges in the more niche category of games that would be more frustrating than entertaining for an ordinary gamer.

He has devoted himself to beating all these buggy games. He spends a lot of time on this hobby of his.

Sunraku Shangri-La Frontier
Rakuro as Sunraku in SLF

Hours and hours spent beating the bugs, glitches, unfair mechanics, terrible AIs, and poor game balancing have made him an exceptionally skilled player and given him a tenacity that is quite rare among gamers.

He can go toe-to-toe and even surpass pro gamers when it comes to battles and strategy. It’s when the odds seem impossible that Hizutome truly shines and demonstrates his singular capabilities as a gamer.

Sunraku the skilled gamer

These true gamer skills are what propels Rakuro Hizutome in the fully immersive VR “god-tier game” called Shangri-La Frontier, which boasts 30 million players worldwide.

Despite skipping the tutorial, he can grind through levels, defeat older players of the game, and take on the biggest bosses of the game purely through the power of his skills.

He sports a rather unusual attire as his avatar “Sunraku” in Shangri-La Frontier. He wears a bird headgear while his torso is bare.

The battle with Lycagon left him with curse markings that covered his torso and legs. He wears blue shorts and the color of his headgear is also blue. His body is very athletic in the game and he has no footwear.

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