Spy x Family season 2 ending explained: Does Yor accomplish her mission on the cruise ship?

In Spy x Family season 2, Yor handles an important job on the cruise, hiding away from her family that is on board too.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Yor returns home with an injury sustained during a mission. Assuming Yor’s mood is off, Loid takes her on a date. He doesn’t want family troubles to ruin Operation Strix.

Yor is forced to go on this date while the injury stings her. Franky and Anya tail them. A surviving member of the Red Circus gang, a gang Yor obliterated, at a restaurant sees Yor and plans to take her out.

Anya makes sure that doesn’t happen. Meanwhile, the poison poured into Yor’s drink by that gang member relieves her pain instead of killing her. Unfortunately, the pain returns the next day right away.

On another day, Bond becomes paranoid, thinking that Yor’s food will kill him. To make sure Loid comes home early and cooks, he goes looking for Loid, who is on a mission.

Bond aids Loid in his mission, and Loid realizes how helpful Bond and his abilities can be.

At Eden, Damian learns the importance of taking a break from studying when he goes on a field research trip with his friends and Mr. Green.

News spreads that the Pastry of Knowledge, a desert that can make anyone instantly smarter, has appeared in Dining Hall Two of Eden Academy.

Anya and her friends, except Damian, each get to eat one. Unfortunately, despite eating the pastry, Anya scores low marks in exams.

Soon, Yor receives an important mission. She will be protecting the surviving members of the Gretcher Family, Olka Gretcher and her son, on a cruise ship.

The Gretcher family is known for running the country’s underworld for generations in an honorable way. Due to an internal conflict, the boss of the family and his two sons were killed.

Leonardo Hapoon has taken over the family, and he is desperately hunting Olka and her son. The bounty on the two is so high that every assassin in the country is looking for them.

Yor accepts the task. On her way back home, she bumps into Yuri and realizes that her brother is no longer dependent on her. Hence, she can quit working as an assassin.

Also, Yor may have a hard time doing her job because Loid and Anya will be joining her on the same cruise. Anya won a chance to go on it in a mall’s biannual mega raffle.

Yor will be in the first class, while Loid and Anya will be in the third. That makes things a little easier for Yor, who gets along with Olka and her son.

Yor learns how Olka doesn’t want to inherit anything from her gangster family and just wants to live a life in peace.

Yor and her team keep looking for possible threats, unaware that the whole ship is bugged. When Olka tells Yor about her son’s name and that he is named after her gangster father, the person on the other side notices and informs all the assassins on board.

When assassins start coming at Olka, the Director of Yor’s team assesses that their intelligence has been leaked.

At first, the assassins work independently to kill Olka and her son and win the bounty prize. When they realize that the assassin protecting Olka could be a member of the Garden, they start working together.

While protecting Olka, Yor notices that she is dragging her feet. She is trying not to get hurt. If she does get injured badly, she won’t have a strong explanation for Loid and Anya.

The ship for Olka and her son is ready. However, the assassins find out about the unidentified encrypted communication between Yor and the Director and start taking stage-three positions.

Ending explained:

Yor fights to protect the likes of her brother

Yor takes Olka, her son, and the man pretending to be Olka’s husband, Zeb, through the rooftop, only to find assassins waiting for them there.

As a skilled assassin herself, Yor takes out most of them. She is also joined by the Director. Olka, her son, and Zeb are locked inside a hatch.

However, when one of the assassins offers Yor money to join them, Yor wonders whether she is like these assassins too. She fails to remember why she started working as an assassin in the first place.

Just when she is about to give up, it hits her that she is doing this to protect the carefree lives of the likes of her brother. Hence, her opponents and she are not the same.

Yor fights back and wins the fight against a swordsman, who is one of the last assassins on board.

She then shares an emotional goodbye with Olka and her son. The Director doesn’t want them to let their guard down until the morning. However, he does grant Yor a day off to meet and spend time with her family.

The bombs on the ship

While Yor is busy fighting the assassins, Loid finds himself taking care of bombs that are planted on their cruise ship.

The hacker who has bugged the ship and was assisting the assassins has planted those bombs. He is planning to take away all the money for himself.

Loid, disguised as a member of the ship’s crew, takes out the two major bombs on board and saves everyone before letting the State Security Service handle the rest.

The ship’s crew makes an announcement to prevent panic. One of the bombs that Loid throws into the ocean blasts near the hacker and the last surviving assassin, who is confronting the hacker.

Both of them are on the rescue boat. When the bomb blasts, they fall into the water and find themselves surrounded by sharks.

In both cases, Anya played a crucial role in assisting her father and mother.

The aftermath

After a lovely vacation on the resort island, the Forger family returns home with souvenirs for everyone. They get back to their lives.

While Loid was away, Nightfall, also known as Fiona, handled all of his missions, along with her own.

Yor starts training Becky, Anya’s classmate, who tries to win Loid’s heart. After concluding that Loid likes strong women, she seeks to become like Yor and requests her to train her.

In the finale, after making several mistakes, Bond proves himself by helping Loid save a puppy trapped in a building on fire and catching the arsonist responsible for that fire.

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