Spitz Feier: Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions character explained

Spitz Feier is a BLUE instructor who is ordered to trail Ron Kamonohashi and find out if he has resumed working as a detective. However, his real reason for finding Ron is a personal one.

When Rom Kamonohashi resumes his detective work tagging along with Totomaru on various new cases, the detective training academy, BLUE gets alerted.

They want to make sure that Kamonohashi, a student banned from ever doing detective work is engaging in it again. BLUE instructor Spitz Feier volunteers to track him down and confirm Ron’s resumption of detective work.

Appearance most deceptive

Spitz Feier seems like a conniving antagonist at the start of Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions, posing, reacting, and carrying himself in a manner typical of a villain.

His eagerness to track Ron Kamonohashi down paints him as someone who might have a history or grudge against the former detective. However, the truth is something else entirely.

Feier volunteered so fast to catch Ron Kamonohashi and then went against the directions given to him by BLUE (he must only observe Ron and not make direct contact) because he wanted to meet the disgraced detective for a personal reason.

The personal reasons

He wants Ron’s help in finding his missing brother. He tried doing that himself, but he’s self-admittedly not good at deductive reasoning skills. Whenever he asked who could help him, everyone at BLUE talked about Ron Kamonohashi.

So he made it his mission to find the controversial great detective himself and ask for help. However, Ron can’t trust Spitz yet so he refuses help.

Spitz Feier Totomaru Ron Kamonohashi's Forbidden Deductions
Feier asking Ron Kamonohashi for help finding his missing family

Toto finds Feier to be trustable so he argues they should lend a helping hand.

Spitz Feier is warmed by Tito’s grace and he announces he’ll be working to gain their trust. In the following cases that Toto and Ron work on, Spitz Feier proves to be a great asset, utilizing his skills in tracking the best he can.

The missing family

In fact, due to years of hard work, Feier has become the world’s greatest tracker, which compensates for his lack of brilliant deductive skills.

Ron eventually decides to help him, but on the condition that he fetches him the files of the Bloody Field Trip case from BLUE.

Feier eventually agrees to it and Ron and Toto later help him find his missing family. He later gets Ron that file that helps make him a breakthrough regarding his own mysterious past.

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