Song Chiyul: Solo Leveling character explained

Song Chiyul is a C-Rank hunter in Solo Leveling. Eiji Hanawa and Sean Hennigan voice Song Chiyul.

Song Chiyul is a mage, a martial arts teacher, and the master of an S-Rank hunter.

A strong and skilled hunter, Song is chosen to lead the group of hunters in one of the raids that Jinwoo participated in. 

After defeating the dungeon boss, the group comes across a dungeon within the dungeon. It falls upon Song to determine whether the group will raid the second dungeon.

Song decides to approach the decision fairly. Every hunter in the group casts their vote, and since the majority wants to enter the dungeon, Song agrees.

However, the discovery of this double dungeon changes Song’s life and leaves him with a sense of failure.

A capable leader

Shortly after entering the double dungeon, the group of hunters discovers that it is inhabited by powerful magic beasts they cannot defeat. 

Song loses an arm, but he continues trying to find the best possible means for the group to survive.

Although Jinwoo is merely an E-Rank hunter, rather than disregarding his instructions, Song actively seeks his guidance, which has helped the group thus far.

When the time comes to make a sacrifice, some hunters nominate Song, claiming that it was his decision to enter the dungeon that put them in danger. 

As their leader, Song is prepared to take responsibility and offer himself as a sacrifice, despite knowing that the decision was not his alone.

However, Song ends up being one of the six people who survive the double dungeon, but he does not forgive himself for the loss of the seven hunters who died under his leadership.

Some speculate that Song might retire after the double dungeon ordeal, but instead, he resolves to continue contributing to society because of those seven deaths.

He reunites with the group he previously led on a D-Rank dungeon raid, and once again assumes leadership, this time with the addition of Kang Taeshik and three prisoners.

When it is revealed that Kang has killed the three prisoners and plans to kill everyone else to conceal his crime, Song decides to confront him, despite Kang being a B-Rank hunter. 

Solo Leveling Song Chiyul
Song fights Kang Taeshik

With Joohee’s help and his own battle tactics, Song manages to keep up with Kang, who acknowledges that Song is no ordinary man. 

However, ultimately, Song fails to defeat Kang, and Jinwoo has to intervene to kill Kang and rescue Song and Joohee.

When Song comes to know that Jinwoo has killed people before, he understands that Jinwoo only did it because he had to make difficult choices.

He also understands that Jinwoo has his reasons for hiding his strength, so he takes responsibility for killing Kang to repay Jinwoo for saving his life.

Apart from being a good leader and an honorable man, Song also ends up becoming Jinwoo’s ally.

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