Decay: Shigaraki Tomura’s Quirk in My Hero Academia explained

In My Hero Academia’s world teeming with superheroes and villains, Tomura Shigaraki emerges as the primary antagonist and the leader of the League of Villains. 

His sinister Quirk, coupled with his ominous motivations, sets the stage for numerous conflicts in the series. This article delves into the depths of Shigaraki’s Quirk, its operational range, its limitations, and its vital link with his character evolution.

Core Mechanics

His Quirk is titled “Decay.” When activated, it allows him to disintegrate whatever he touches with all five fingers of a hand. The object or person begins to crumble and decay rapidly from the point of contact, often resulting in catastrophic destruction.


Instant Annihilation: A mere touch from Shigaraki can swiftly destroy obstacles and weapons, or even incapacitate foes. The speed and thoroughness of the decay make it a terrifying ability, especially in close combat.

Chain Reaction: As the series progresses, Shigaraki’s control and power over his Quirk expand. He can initiate a chain reaction where the decay spreads from one object or person to another upon contact, causing large-scale destruction without directly touching every target.

Versatile Destruction: From organic matter to inorganic materials, Shigaraki’s Quirk doesn’t discriminate. This makes him a formidable adversary in various situations, be it urban landscapes or open battlefields.


With continuous exposure to battles and experiences, Shigaraki’s mastery over his Quirk evolves.

Enhanced Range: Initially, his decay required direct contact. But with time, he manages to increase its range, enabling the decay to spread across surfaces and even through the air to some extent.

Selective Decay: While initially struggling with control, later in the series, Shigaraki displays the ability to selectively decay certain things while leaving others untouched, highlighting his growing command over his power.

Augmented Potency: The intensity and speed of the decay process amplify, allowing him to disintegrate larger objects and more resilient materials more swiftly.

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Five-Finger Requirement: For the Quirk to activate, Shigaraki needs to touch his target with all five fingers of a hand. If even one finger isn’t in contact, the Quirk remains dormant.

Physical Strain: Using his Quirk extensively, especially after it has been enhanced, puts a considerable physical toll on Shigaraki. Overreliance can lead to exhaustion and weaken him.

Emotional Ties: Initially, Shigaraki’s control over his Quirk is tied to his emotional state. Traumatic memories, particularly from his childhood, can momentarily hinder his ability to activate or control Decay.

Character Implications

Shigaraki’s Quirk mirrors his worldview and ambitions in My Hero Academia. He wishes to crumble the current societal structures, especially the hero system, viewing them as corrupt and flawed. 

The visceral nature of his power aligns with his goal to dismantle and reshape the world. His traumatic past, intertwined with the uncontrollable emergence of his Quirk, shapes his disdain for the hero society. 

As the narrative unfolds, Shigaraki’s quest for power and understanding of his Quirk becomes synonymous with his journey.

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