Shalk the Sound Slicer: Ishura character explained

Shalk the Sound Slicer is a formidable mercenary who moves with a blazing fast speed and uses a spear to deal heavy blows on his enemy. Koichi Yamadera voices the character in Ishura.

Hired by the New Principality of Lithia, Shalk is an undead mercenary who is known for his incredible speed as he slices away at his enemies with his spear.

Arsenal & skils

Not only can he converse and behave like a normal human despite being all bones, but he can move at a speed that defies even a blitz of a fighter like Sojiro.

He uses a spear as his primary weapon of choice and wields it most proficiently.

Shalk the Sound Slicer Sojiro Ishura
Shalk the Sound Slicer battling Sojiro

During the early moments of his battle with Sojiro, he manages to cut and slice the opponent several times, thanks to his incredible speed and combat skills.

Appearances & traits

Shalk is an undead skeleton, so his appearance is most distinct and peculiar. It becomes all the more bizarre when one observes his movements and maneuvers.

He is a mercenary who only works when he’s been paid upfront. The monetary compensation is what he’s most concerned with and what drives him.

He has allegiance only to those who have the riches to pay him.

And so when Taren the Guarded recruits him as part of her army in the war against Aureatia, he makes it clear who he works for.

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