Shakuyaku: Sengoku Youko character explained

Shakuyaku is a major character in action fantasy anime, Sengoku Youko. Tomoyo Kurosawa voices the character.

A cheerful and bubbly spirit who is also kind, helpful, and equally ferocious when need be, Shakuyaku has defied odds, fate, and immoral experimentation to be free.

Carrying a painful past and a demon inside her, she moves forward with her friends on a journey across the Sengoku period landscape.

A half of Shakugan

Shakugan is a fused being; i.e., a fusion of a human and a takawara. 

The human half is Shakuyaku, and the takawara half is the golem named Kagan. 

At will, she can turn her arms into stone pillars.

This signifies her harmonious coexistence with the takawara that has been fused with her. 

A horrifying past

Shakuyaku was a farmer girl from a poor home in the countryside. However, she had the gift of spiritual powers. 

It is for those powers that her father sold her to the Dangaishu. 

At the monastery, she was subjected to their immoral and unethical experiments. 

Shakugan enhanced human Sengoku Youko
Shakuyaku in her enhanced human form

It entailed fusing a human with spiritual powers with a takawara, resulting in an enhanced human. 

However, during the experiments, Shakuyaku lost control and made her way to her village, where she killed one and all in a blind rampage. 

Finding friends

Shakugan was to be killed by the Dangaishu monks but Tama, Jinka, and Shinsuke also ended up stumbling upon her, in her rampaging enhanced human state. 

They helped bring her back to her human self.

She bemoaned and grieved the loss of all the lives that she deemed herself responsible for. 

However, Shinsuke helped her overcome the onslaught of extreme guilt and hopelessness.

She gradually became cheerful and joined the group.

Kagan eventually regains consciousness and befriends her soon becoming a friend to Tama, Jinka, and Shinsuke as well.

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