Sein: Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End character explained

Sein is a priest with many vices who joins Frieren’s party as their healer. The character is voiced by Yuichi Nakamura and Christopher Wehkamp.

The first time Frieren encounters Sein, the priest is stuck inside a swamp. She eventually gets him out after listening to him talk about his story.

Sein serves as the local priest for a village along with his brother and when he’s not performing his holy duties, he is gambling or engaging in other vices.

When Stark is bitten by a venomous snake, Sein cures him with the magic of the Goddess to return the favor after being saved by Frieren.

Sein’s brother asks Frieren to take Sein along on their journey because he is too talented in holy magic to be stuck in their small village.

Sein is reluctant to join and later reveals that he watched his brother refuse an invitation to the holy city so that Sein could grow up in his hometown.

Sein’s brother insists that he doesn’t regret that sacrifice, but Sein is better off journeying at this point.

In search of a friend

Sein fondly recalls having a best friend during his youth, who was eager to explore the world.

Despite an invitation to join his friend on this adventure a decade ago, Sein, then a priest, declined the offer.

Now, as he journeys with Frieren and their companions, he sees this as an opportunity to seek out his long-lost friend.

This friend, known as Gorilla Warrior, chose the name for its memorable impact.

He had even given Sein the nickname ‘Goatee Priest’, envisioning a future where they would travel together and etch their names in history as legendary heroes.

Sein and Gorilla Warrior had an unbreakable bond growing up

Throughout their travels, Sein consistently proves his worth and forms stronger bonds with the group.

When they arrive at a village, the villagers recognize Gorilla Warrior’s name.

An elderly woman shares that she spent considerable time with him and that he often spoke of Sein. She informs Sein about Gorilla Warrior’s next destination.

Faced with a dilemma as this location lies in the opposite direction of their current path, Sein contemplates his next move, especially when a blizzard delays their journey.

While he enjoys the company of Frieren, Fern, and Stark, Sein’s resolve to reunite with his best friend remains strong.

Ultimately, he decides to embark on his path, acknowledging the solitude of solo travel yet clinging to the hope of reuniting with his friends in the future.

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