Sae Chabashira: Classroom of the Elite character explained

Sae Chabashira is the homeroom teacher of Class D in Classroom of the Elite. Rina Sato and Jennifer Alyx voice the character.

From her initial interaction with the students of Class D, Sae Chabashira exhibits a demeanor that is both cold and stern.

She introduces the point system to the class but withholds certain details, leaving them partially in the dark.

Upon the completion of the first month, when the students do not receive their points, Chabashira elucidates the merit-based method of point allocation.

Her explanation carries a hint of sadism, as she chides the students for their carelessness and lack of discipline at school.

When Ken Sudo faces the threat of expulsion due to his failure in the first exam, Kiyotaka approaches Chabashira with a proposal to buy the necessary marks using points.

Chabashira shows a flicker of admiration for Kiyotaka’s understanding of the school’s point ecosystem and consents to his request.

Hidden personal goals

Sae Chabashira’s primary responsibilities involve teaching her students during homeroom sessions and providing explanations for upcoming tests and challenges.

During the incident where Sudo faces false accusations from Class C students, she attends the hearing with her students, although it is merely a formality.

It is ultimately Kiyotaka and Suzune who successfully clear Sudo’s name.

Sae extends an invitation to Kiyotaka for a conversation during the cruise, where she discloses that an influential figure intervened to have him expelled.

Sae comes very close to pushing Kiyotaka’s buttons

She presents him with an ultimatum: to harness his full potential and assist his class in ascending to Class A or face expulsion.

Kiyotaka agrees to the terms, but this agreement introduces tension into their student-teacher relationship. Notably, Sae is often spotted smoking alone on the school rooftop.

However, a pivotal moment occurs when Kiyotaka’s father intervenes, revealing that Sae had deceived Kiyotaka about the initial phone call.

Sae had acquired knowledge about Kiyotaka’s background, including his father’s identity, and had attempted to manipulate him to further her ambitions of reaching Class A.

Although she faces defeat in this instance, Sae remains willing to offer assistance when requested.

When Kiyotaka confronts Ryuen, Sae accompanies him to handle the situation in case the school administration becomes involved.

As her class achieves Class C status without a single expulsion, Sae exhibits a subtle hint of pride in her students’ accomplishments.

However, she continues to maintain a guarded demeanor and keeps her true intentions concealed.

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