Is Sabo dead? What weapon did Imu use to destroy Lulusia Kingdom?

With the Egghead Arc officially underway, One Piece fans were greeted with a new animation style as well as a unique opening in episode 1089.

New anime opening

Wasting no time, the episode took the viewers back into the thick of the action with the Straw Hats facing their latest obstacle and Sabo, the Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army, making a startling revelation.

Among the most pressing questions that arose were the fate of Sabo, and the weapon used by Imu to destroy the Lulusia Kingdom.

Let’s delve into these plot points in detail and answer these questions with details from the manga (spoiler alert).

Sabo’s Revelation

Sabo finally managed to establish contact with the Revolutionary Army. With the news of him killing Nefertari Cobra during the Reverie making rounds, he quickly cleared his name; it wasn’t him.

However, he reveals a disturbing truth. The empty throne, which signifies that one individual doesn’t rule the world, wasn’t actually empty. 

Imu’s Destruction

The occupant of the empty throne, referred to as Lord Imu by the Five Elders, begins to make his next move at the very same moment.

The world government orders to cut communication. Imu uses a mysterious destructive device to completely annihilate Lulusia Kingdom, where Sabo was supposedly stationed, and mask its existence forever.

At the spot where Lulusia stood, there is nothing but a gigantic hole in the water, accompanied by Sea Quakes. Sabo is hinted to have perished in this incident, as his communication with the Revolutionary Army is cut at the exact same time.

The Fate of Sabo

However, in the manga, it has already been revealed that Sabo wasn’t at Lulusia and was merely looking at the destruction from afar.

He recounts the horrific events that occurred on the day of the Reverie and how it’s a miracle that he is still alive.

The Mother Flame

The weapon’s name has been identified as The Mother Flame. Although its details remain a mystery, it can rain down lasers through clouds on a specific target.

While it was theorised it to be the ancient weapon Uranus at first, there is no information to confirm this at this point but a connection is possible.

The whole Egghead Arc revolves around the World Government’s attempt to eradicate Dr. Vegapunk while still managing to keep control of The Mother Flame for widespread destruction.

The Mother Flame is produced in a power plant at Egghead, which complicates the entire situation as the Straw Hats land there, resulting in an all out war.

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