Ryomen Sukuna’s fingers in Jujutsu Kaisen explained

The Jujutsu Kaisen anime has captivated audiences worldwide with its unique blend of horror, action, and intricate lore. Among the many elements that define its world, the cursed objects associated with the fearsome Ryomen Sukuna, particularly his fingers, hold immense significance. 

These fingers serve as major plot devices and represent the formidable power and menace of one of the story’s most malicious entities.

The King of Curses

To grasp the gravity of the fingers, it’s essential to first understand the evil himself. Ryomen Sukuna, often referred to as “Ryomen Sukuna of the Double Face Specter,” was a legendary curse user in human form who lived over a thousand years ago. 

His abilities were so overpowering that even after his death, remnants of his power persisted in the form of his fingers, making him an undying threat. His malevolent spirit, divided across twenty fingers (since he has two sets of hands), turned them into high-grade cursed objects.

The Nature of the Fingers

Sukuna’s fingers, as cursed objects, are repositories of immense cursed energy. They attract other curses and can cause havoc if left unchecked.

Typical methods cannot destroy these fingers. They can only be consumed and absorbed by a vessel strong enough to contain Sukuna’s power. 

This leads to the series’ protagonist, Yuji Itadori, becoming entangled in the perilous quest surrounding the fingers. When a being consumes one of these fingers, they become a host for the malevolent spirit. 

For most, this would mean certain possession and death, as Sukuna would dominate their body. However, Yuji is a rare exception, possessing the ability to retain control even after consumption. 

This unique trait marks him as the ideal vessel to ingest all of the fingers, in a bid to eliminate Sukuna’s threat once and for all.

Sukuna Fingers
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Narrative Importance

At the start of the story, Yuji unwittingly consumes one of the fingers, thrusting him into the dangerous world of Jujutsu Sorcerers and curses. 

Due to his potential as a vessel, he’s faced with the grim task of consuming all of Sukuna’s fingers, with the understanding that he must be killed thereafter to permanently vanquish Sukuna.

Retrieving all of Sukuna’s fingers becomes a principal mission for the students and faculty of Tokyo Jujutsu High. Each finger’s recovery poses its set of challenges, often leading to deadly battles with curses or curse users drawn to the finger’s power.

With each finger Yuji consumes, Sukuna’s influence grows stronger. While Yuji generally maintains control, Sukuna occasionally bargains for moments of dominion over Yuji’s body, leading to some of the series’ most intense and dramatic moments.

The fingers, given their immense power, also attract various individuals and groups with malicious intentions. 

Some see them as tools for power, while others view them as means to resurrect Sukuna in full, aiming to use his might for personal gain.

More than Cursed Objects

These fingers in Jujutsu Kaisen are not just mere plot devices. Sure, each finger’s recovery or consumption is a step closer to the story’s resolution but it is also a deeper dive into the characters’ psyches, the nature of power, and the sacrifices made in the name of the greater good. 

As the tale unfolds, the fingers remain central, continually reminding audiences of the omnipresent threat of Ryomen Sukuna and the high stakes of the battle against curses.

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