Rouge Redstar: Metallic Rouge character explained

The protagonist of Metallic Rouge, Rouge Redstar, is a Nean who is sent to Mars on a mission. Yume Miyamoto and Monica Flatley voice Rouge.

Rouge Redstar is a Nean who looks like humans, but, like other Neans, she also needs to inject herself with Nectar. 

Rouge has yet to adjust to human society. She is almost like a child — innocent, trusting, and honest. Moreover, Rouge’s love for chocolate knows no bounds.

It is her companion Naomi Orthmann who takes charge. She gives her orders and handles the situation whenever Rouge’s honesty compromises their identity or their mission.

A significant mission

Rouge is an Aletheia agent. She is sent to Mars on a mission to eliminate the Immortal Nine, who are not like the regular Neans.

While other Neans cannot kill people, Rouge and the Immortal Nine can. It was the Immortal Nine who killed Rouge’s father.

When Sarah Fitzgerald is suspected of being Purgatory Viola, one of the Immortal Nine, Rouge is tasked with infiltrating her circle for investigation.

Upon confirming that Sarah Fitzgerald is Purgatory Viola, Rouge reveals her Gladiator form, known as Metal Rouge, to Sarah and fights her.

Metallic Rouge Rouge Redstar
Rouge’s Gladiator form, Metal Rouge

Rouge, who follows all the orders she is given, eliminates Sarah. Prior to this, she had already dispatched two of Sarah’s companions.

Rouge’s mission on Mars is not without its dangers; she becomes a target for mercenaries, such as the Sons of Ares.

However, Rouge’s mission on Mars also signifies her journey of maturation. She is aware that all she does is follow orders, but she comes to understand that she has freedom.

Rouge, who does not know the meaning of freedom, finds out that she can make choices of her own, and that makes her free.

Rouge learns to be kind to others and puts in an effort to understand human feelings. This understanding marks the process of Rouge’s growing up.

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