What happened to Ron Kamonohashi in the Bloody Practical Training case?

Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions follows the titular character resuming his detective work after a five-year ban for the alleged crimes he committed during a shocking incident.

Following his quick academic rise at the world’s leading detective academy, Ron Kamonohashi’s reputation and his career would both be destroyed by a practical training exercise at the academy.

BLUE’s best yet

BLUE is the world’s most prestigious detective academy where the sharpest of minds are further sharpened and polished to produce the greatest detectives in the world.

Of all these already exceptional minds, Ron Kamonohashi was by far the brightest.

At a tender age and in his first year at the academy, he had already solved a case considered unsolvable for a long time.

His rare deduction skills won him acclaim from others at the academy and made him the mightiest enemy of mysteries involved in a crime.

The Bloody Practical Training Case

Five years ago, Ron was a part of a practical training exercise at Blue. It involved the cooperation of the police and the students in a lesson to catch a real criminal.

Ron worked his magic and thanks to his deduction skills, they could track down the hideout of a group of seven murderers.

However, when the police arrived at the hideout, what they found was a bizarre and chilling scene.

Ron Kamonohashi bloody practical training case
Ron standing in the middle of the corpses of the murderers

Before them stood Ron Kamonohashi, in a daze, drenched in blood and holding the bloodied knife.

Around him were the dead bodies of seven murderers.

He seemed to be clearly guilty of the murders but due to a lapse in his memory, he couldn’t remember thirty minutes’ worth of events before and after the incident.

He still has no memory of this time frame around the incident. As a result, he was deemed not guilty for reasons of insanity. However, he did lose his qualifications to obtain a detective license.

Ron Kamonohashi’s generational foes

After the incident, Ron becomes depressed and thinks he did murder them all.

He also has a suspicious mark on his neck which was engraved after the incident, in the time that he spent in the hospital afterward, which he has no memory of.

Five years later, after Totomaru Isshiki rejuvenates Ron’s spirit and reignites him in the passion for solving cases.

They befriend Spitz Feier, an instructor from BLUE, who agrees to steal BLUE’s file on the Bloody Practical Training Case.

He doesn’t find it but the academy’s principal, Aimee Emmerich sends a message to Ron through Spitz.

In the message, she talks about the extremely elusive, fearful, and powerful crime organization known as the M. Family. She tells him this organization likely orchestrated the Bloody Practical Training Case.

It’s revealed later that Ron is a part of the M. Family, by blood. He’s the ninth-generation descendant of James Moriarty.

However, he’s also the sixth-generation descendant of his arch-nemesis, Sherlock Holmes.

The M. Family has been untouched mostly, but Holmes’ descendants have been putting up the greatest challenges for the family and their criminal empire.

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