The Rescue Team in The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic explained

The Rescue Team is a part of the Llinger army and is led by Captain Rose in The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic.

When Usato finds out that he was brought to the new world by mistake, he is taken aback but eventually accepts his fate.

After discovering that he has an affinity for healing magic, he is told that it is a very rare affinity with a few other practitioners.

One of them is Rose, the captain of the Rescue Team in Llinger. When she finds out that Usato has the affinity, she takes him on as an apprentice.

She explains that there were others before him but they could not withstand her training regimen and dropped out.

A crucial asset

Along with Rose, the team also consists of Tong, Mill, Alec, Gomul, and Gurd, who do not have the same magical affinity.

In times of war, they run onto the battlefield to carry the injured to the back where the healers have set up a healing station.

Rather than teach him the traditional way to use his magic, Rose teaches Usato how to train his body to heal itself and raise his strength reserves.

This is so that he can be faster and stronger on the battlefield. Rose wants him to join her in the vanguard and heal soldiers in the thick of the battle.

The other magical healers in the kingdom are the brother-sister duo of Orga and Ururu. Orga wasn’t able to keep up with Rose’s training and manages a clinic in the Kingdom.

He and his sister set up the healing camp during the war and healed the soldiers that the others carried back.

Amila, the commander of the third demon army singles out Rose and the Rescue team as a significant problem to their efforts.

Among the demonkind, they are known as “kidnappers” who do not fight on the battlefield. Amila also acknowledges Rose’s ability as a top-notch fighter.

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