Rentt Faina: The Unwanted Undead Adventurer character explained

Rentt Faina is the main protagonist of the fantasy action anime, The Unwanted Undead Adventurer. Ryōta Suzuki voices the character in the anime.

Rentt Faina is a lower bronze adventurer who was born in a village that isn’t even on a map. For ten years, he’s been an adventurer but he’s still stuck with the bronze rank, the second rank from the bottom.

Most adventurers go about their business after forming a party. However, Faina likes to keep it solo for the most part. He says it’s because he’s just not that good of an adventurer. 

Despite his stagnant growth and limited skills, he is a stable adventurer who is wise with his finances. He makes a living by hunting monsters and selling magic crystals and materials to the guild. 

Becoming undead

One unfortunate day, while looking around his usual spot when no quest is available, i.e., the Labyrinth of Moon’s Reflection, he stumbles upon a hidden passage. 

A broken wall leads to a secret tunnel, which in itself is such a great discovery in this exhaustively explored and emptied labyrinth, and it will fetch Rentt a great reward from the guild when he tells them about it. 

However, before that, he decides to explore this undiscovered place himself and ends up stumbling upon a dragon. The absurdly colossal being promptly devours Rentt. 

When he regains consciousness, he finds himself having turned into a skeleton. He’s been turned into a monster of the Undead variety; in other words, he’s a being that violates the divine logic of the gods. 

As a result, he can be easily vanquished using purifying magic, should he ever stumble upon a priest. He remains in the dungeon for a while, mulling it all over and trying to do something to contend with this absurd turn of events. 

He fights other skeletons and soon finds that he can evolve as a monster by defeating other monsters, at a pace that was never possible when he was a human.

In a short amount of time, Rentt becomes more powerful than he ever got as a human. After he evolves into a Ghoul, he uses a fellow adventurer’s help to get some clothes to disguise himself and return to his hometown. 

Assimilating back into society

Rentt also gets a magical mask, thanks to the same rookie adventurer who he helps out in the labyrinth and she helps him out in return. 

Rentt Faina ghoul The Unwanted Undead Adventurer
Rentt Faina in his disguise

With a robe and a mask, he’s able to obscure his unholy hide from everyone, but he ends up sticking out as sort of an unusual, sketchy individual. 

Fortunately, Rentt undergoes no change in his personality and is just as morally upstanding, kind, and helpful as he was when he was a human. 

He receives refuge from his long-time friend, Lorraine, who’s a scholar and likes him. She begins studying and experimenting with the fascinating case of monstrous evolution he’s brought to her home. 

At the same time, she helps him a great deal with the roof and the food. Meanwhile, he returns to the guild, but under a new identity — Rentt Vivier. 

Evolution & goals

He begins with the lowest rank and takes on missions that most others either won’t like to take on or regard as too unworthy. 

Rentt is so unchanged as a person even after his physical transformation that those close to him instantly have an inkling that it is their old friend Rentt Faina, and soon it’s pretty much confirmed to them. 

Now he continues working as an adventurer with the help of his friends, especially Lorraine, who’s helping him out in his journey to hopefully turn back human one day. 

Meanwhile, he’s working towards his dream of becoming the Mithril rank adventurer, evolving into a higher-ranking monster to become more formidable, every step of the way. 

In the beginning, Rentt was a skeleton, and since then he’s gone through several Existential Evolutions to become a Ghoul, before becoming a Thrall. He’s now close to becoming a lesser Vampire.

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