Regnejee: Ishura character explained

Regnejee the Wings of Sunset is a formidable character in the first season of Ishura. Showtaro Morikubo voices the character in the anime.

Regnejee is the New Principality of Lithia’s first general who commands the first air force of the world as a strict and powerful leader.

A wyvern of great intellect and battle acumen, he has more than one dimension to his character, with a great propensity for both violence and also tenderness.

He is a Command. He is a wyvern. He is Regnejee the Wings of Sunset.

The warmer side

He met Curte of the Fair Skies, a small blind girl who lost her vision after her hometown was destroyed completely by the True Demon King. 

Regnejee’s original flock was destroyed in the same destruction. During that indescribable terror, the two managed to hold on to their insanity. 

Their bond has been strong ever since, and the two find familiarity in each other’s company in the New Principality of Lithia. 

Regnejee and Curte Ishura
Regnejee and Curte bantering

While he is a figure of terrifying stature for the wyverns and an agent of death to his enemies, the commander is uniquely warm and friendly to Curte.

He frequents her home to listen to her singing, which puts his mind at ease in a matter of seconds. He also shares the tales of his exploits with her. 

She repeatedly tries to touch him, but he’s never allowed her and ducks every time she tries to do so. He does so to prevent her from learning what species he belongs to.

He plays up this brave, annoyed, and rather arrogant schtick with her but it’s all just a playful banter, and Curte is quite amused and happy whenever he’s around.

Regnejee the brute

Regnejee is a wyvern commander who is brutal and unforgiving in his ways. He is the leader of Lithia’s trained aerial force.  

He leads this swarm of fearless wyverns and commands them with absolute obedience like they’re all one entity. 

He roams around the vast skies leading this freely-flying force of wyverns. 

He has incredible battle acumen and boasts magical prowess that’s most horrible for the enemies that dare enter the Lithian skies or the lands.

Apart from measuring the skies with his incredible speeds, Regnejee is also a master of Thermal Arts, which he uses to blast the enemy wyverns in the second episode.

He has no tolerance for disobedience and violations of the code of conduct the wyverns must abide by.

When he finds out that one of the wyverns ate a human child, he savagely kills him in front of the whole flock. His loyalties lie with Lithia and General Taren.

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