The influence of real-world cultures in Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter, a manga and anime series created by Yoshihiro Togashi, is notable for its unique world-building, part of which includes influences from various real-world cultures.

This cultural integration adds a layer of depth and realism to the series, making it more relatable and enriching the storytelling experience.

We explore the influence of real-world cultures in Hunter x Hunter, examining how they shape the series’ world and add to its narrative complexity.

The Diverse World of Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter features a world rich in diversity, with various locations and characters inspired by real-world cultures and places. This diversity is evident in the different architectural styles, societal structures, and customs depicted throughout the series.

Such variety not only adds visual appeal but also deepens the series’ exploration of different societal dynamics and interactions.

Architecture and Environmental Design

The architecture and environmental designs in Hunter x Hunter often mirror real-world locations and architectural styles. For instance, some cities and buildings in the series are reminiscent of European medieval architecture, while others draw inspiration from Eastern designs.

These designs provide viewers with a sense of familiarity, grounding the fantastical world of Hunter x Hunter in a semblance of reality.

Influence of Cultural Traditions and Customs

Several story arcs in Hunter x Hunter incorporate elements of cultural traditions and customs. These include various forms of martial arts, traditional clothing, and societal practices that reflect real-world cultures.

This cultural richness allows the series to explore different aspects of human society, such as honor, tradition, and the clash of ideologies.

Character Names and Personalities

The names and personalities of some characters in Hunter x Hunter are influenced by real-world cultures and languages. This is seen in names that are derived from various linguistic origins, adding to the characters’ individuality and background stories.

These culturally influenced names enhance the series’ global appeal, resonating with a diverse audience.

Thematic Explorations of Societal Issues

Hunter x Hunter delves into themes that mirror real-world societal issues, such as inequality, corruption, and the abuse of power. These themes are often portrayed through the lens of different cultures within the series, reflecting the complexity and universality of such issues.

The series thus becomes a medium for discussing and reflecting on real societal problems.

The influence of real-world cultures in Hunter x Hunter is a testament to Yoshihiro Togashi’s creative world-building and storytelling. By integrating diverse cultural elements, the series offers a rich and engaging narrative experience that resonates with viewers worldwide.

This cultural depth not only enhances the visual and narrative aspects of Hunter x Hunter but also enriches the viewer’s understanding and connection with the series’ world and its characters.

The blend of fantasy with real-world cultural influences makes Hunter x Hunter a distinctive and captivating series in the realm of anime and manga.

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