Psyger-0/Rei Saiga: Shangri-La Frontier character explained

Rei Saiga is one of the major supporting characters in Shangri-La Frontier and a love interest of the protagonist Sunraku/Rakuro Hizutome. The character is voiced by Azumi Waki.

Rei Saiga is a shy and quiet girl in real life, and very polite as well.

She is great at video games but it doesn’t mean she is a slacker. She is shown to attend judo classes at school.

Rei Saga IRL

She sees Rakuro always smiling, enjoying his games, and taking unabashed joy in them, and it speaks to her. That’s when she starts thinking about her but is not courageous enough to strike up a little conversation.

She finds the games that Rakuro likes to be rather unusual and too difficult for her. She could never find a game that she could play with him.

When she learns that he is playing Shangri-La Frontier, the biggest mainstream game presently, she delights in finally finding one game that she could play with him.

She soon learns the whereabouts of Sunraku — Rakuro’s player name in SLF. She finds him engaged in a PvP battle with PKers.

She thinks to herself if she can save him from them, she’ll have an “in” to talk to him, and later on, she’d be able to talk to him in real life too.

She does help him evade the Ashura Kai members including Arthur Pencilgon.

Rei Saiga Shangri-La Frontier
Saiga meeting Rakuro in real life

Later, Rei meets him and manages to calm her nerves and initiate a conversation, although something comes up and Rakuro has to dip before he can take her SLF player ID.

The conversation is fleeting and gets cut short abruptly but at the end, she is happy that she finally made some progress at least. That they talked for even a few moments makes her all sort of giddy.


Rei Saiga is an exceptional player and although nowhere as proficient in trash, niche games as Hizutome is, she more than holds up her ground in the more mainstream games.

In Shangri-La Frontier, she is a powerhouse and her avatar terrifies other players. She plays as Psyger-0, an attacking monster, who is a man sporting legendary equipment from head to toe.

She has achieved the highest burn damage, earning herself the title of “Maximum Firepower”, which has also made her one of the top players in the game.

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