Petrification device in Dr. Stone explained

In the anime and manga series “Dr. Stone,” the petrification device plays a crucial role in the narrative, providing both a catalyst for the story and an ongoing mystery for the characters to unravel.

Here’s a detailed look at the petrification device, its properties, and its impact on the story:


The petrification device’s origin is shrouded in mystery, but it is revealed to be from an advanced civilization. It’s not clear who created it or why, but its existence propels the central conflict in “Dr. Stone.”

The series hints at a technologically advanced society being involved, which is far beyond the primitive setting in which most characters find themselves.

Mechanism of Action

The petrification device can turn organic matter into stone, effectively halting all biological processes within the affected organisms.

When activated, the device emits a green light that expands to cover a specified radius, petrifying everything in its path. The exact mechanism by which this transformation occurs is a central mystery in the series.

Effects of Petrification

Once petrified, individuals remain in a state of suspended animation, with no aging or metabolic processes occurring.

However, their consciousness continues, leaving them aware but unable to interact with the world. This is a horrifying aspect of petrification that the series explores in depth.


Depetrification, or the reversal of the petrification process, is a primary goal for the protagonists.

It’s discovered that a specific compound can reverse the effects, restoring the petrified individuals to their original, living state. The search for, and control of, this depetrification formula is a central plot point in “Dr. Stone.”

Significance in the Story

The petrification device is a symbol of the vast technological gap between the series’ ancient and modern elements. It’s a source of both hope and fear, driving the characters to seek knowledge and power.

The device’s existence challenges the characters to bridge the gap between the primitive and the advanced, igniting the scientific spirit that is at the heart of “Dr. Stone.”

Treasure Island

The Petrification Kingdom on Treasure Island, Soyuz’s hometown, is under the tyrannical rule of Ibara for 20 years. Ibara uses the Petrification Weapon to turn those who oppose him into stone, showcasing a cruel application of this technology.

It is currently unknown how this civilisation got its hands on the device but this revelation will prove crucial in helping Senku and others unravel the mystery behind the petrification phenomenon.

Ethical Implications

The ethical implications of the petrification device are vast. It raises questions about the use of powerful technology, the right to life and consciousness, and the moral obligations of those who possess such a device.

Mysteries and Future Possibilities

The full capabilities and origins of the petrification device remain a tantalizing mystery in “Dr. Stone.” As the characters delve deeper into the secrets surrounding the device, they are likely to encounter new challenges and revelations that will further propel the story forward.

In conclusion, the petrification device in “Dr. Stone” is a multi-faceted plot element that serves to drive the narrative, challenge the characters, and explore thematic questions about technology and humanity.

Through its various properties and the mysteries surrounding it, the petrification device enriches the story of “Dr. Stone,” making it a captivating element of this intriguing series.

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