Permeation: Mirio Togata’s Quirk in My Hero Academia explained

In the universe of My Hero Academia, bursting with vivid characters and their distinct Quirks, Mirio Togata shines bright. Affectionately dubbed “Lemillion,” Mirio’s aspirations to save a million lives are intertwined with his unique Quirk, “Permeation.” 

This article explores the Quirk, examining its functionalities and complexities.

Core Dynamics

Lemillion possesses the Quirk named “Permeation.” This Quirk enables him to make parts or the entirety of his body intangible, allowing him to pass through any solid matter effortlessly. Whether it’s walls, floors, or adversaries, Mirio can seamlessly permeate through them.


Phasing Through Objects: At its core, “Permeation” grants him the capability to phase through physical barriers, making him immune to conventional attacks when activated.

Subterranean Movement: By allowing his entire body to become intangible and sinking into the ground, and then deactivating his Quirk, Mirio gets propelled out due to the mass displacement principle, allowing him to effectively “teleport” over distances.

Strategic Offense: In combat, Mirio utilizes his Quirk to bypass opponents’ defenses. He can phase parts of his body through adversaries and then solidify them for surprise attacks.

Advanced Techniques 

While “Permeation” offers substantial advantages, its mastery is far from straightforward.

Sensory Deprivation: When Lemillion makes his entire body intangible, he becomes isolated from external stimuli. He can’t see, hear, or feel anything, necessitating a strong sense of spatial awareness and intuition.

Selective Permeation: Through rigorous training, he learns to make specific parts of his body intangible while keeping others solid. This selective permeation allows him more diverse combat moves and strategies.

Instantaneous Activation: Mirio’s honed reflexes and deep understanding of his Quirk enable him to activate and deactivate Permeation instantaneously, crucial for rapid, in-the-moment decisions during high-stakes battles.

Mirio Togata
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This Quirk, while formidable, is not without its challenges.

Complex Coordination: To effectively utilize “Permeation” in combat scenarios, Mirio needs to coordinate his movements, Quirk activation/deactivation, and spatial awareness. This requires immense concentration and practice.

Risk of Misjudgment: A slight miscalculation in timing or positioning can leave Mirio vulnerable. While intangible, he’s immune to harm, but the moment he solidifies, he’s exposed to potential threats.

Mental and Physical Strain: The constant need to judge when to phase in and out, especially during intense battles, places a substantial mental and physical toll on Mirio.

Character Implications

Despite possessing a challenging Quirk that many might deem unsuitable for heroics, his relentless dedication transforms it into a top-tier ability.

Furthermore, moments where Mirio battles without his Quirk underscore his inherent heroism, showcasing that while Quirks amplify abilities, the true hero lies within.

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