The Paladin Corps and the Executioners in The Witch and the Beast explained

In The Witch and the Beast, the Paladin Corps is an army of the Global Holy Church. The Executioners are their evil counterparts.

The Paladin Corps is a magical army that protects world peace. They are responsible for solving large-scale violent crimes involving magic.

The Paladin Corps is the only army that can deal with witch incidents. In The Witch and the Beast, the Paladin Corps are first introduced when Ashaf and Guideau come to the Third Continent to investigate a string of murders.

Since a witch is suspected of being responsible for the murders, Ashaf expects the Paladin Corps to be there.

He knows they will be an obstacle in their way. Hence, it’s going to be a race to see who catches the suspected witch first.

The Paladin Corps Guideau and Ashaf face are led by Matt Cugat, whose powers are on par with those of witches. Therefore, they are required to be careful while dealing with them.

The Executioners

While the Paladin Corps are dedicated to protecting peace, they have a dark side to themselves: the Executioners.

The Executioners are the shadow of the just and noble Paladin Corps. They are underground witch hunters.

In the show, one of the Executioners first appears in the Third Continent, posing as an emissary from the Holy Church, claiming that he has been investigating the witch the Paladin Corps are after for a while.

The Executioner deceives Matt Cugat and the Paladin Corps into believing in him. The murders the Paladin Corps are investigating is the Executioners’ work.

An Executioner deceives Matt Cugat

They framed the witch, Helga Velvette, and used Matt Cugat and the Paladin Corps to retrieve the Demon Sword.

It is revealed that the Executioners have been looking for the Demon Sword for a long time. They killed the family of Helga in an attempt to get their hands on it.

However, Helga, the sole survivor from her family, escaped the Executioners with the Demon Sword. Since then, she has been on the run and has been protecting the sword from falling into the wrong hands.

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