One Piece episode 1089 preview: Momonosuke steps into Oden’s shoes

One Piece episode 1089 will see Momonosuke’s journey to becoming the shogun of Wano.

Momonosuke has had to go through quite a journey to return to his homeland and free it from the shackles of the strongest creature in the world.

He has to unite his people, inspire hope and rebellion, and ultimately regain his kingdom and become the shogun, following his late father Kozuki Oden’s footsteps.

One Piece episode 1089 release on January 9th, 2024, at 7:00 am EST.

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Rayleigh for the rescue

Rayleigh helps get Boa Hancock out of Blackbeard’s deadly grasp, unleashing his terrifying haki as soon as he arrives on the island.

Blackbeard eventually retreats after his crew and the Marines are turned back into themselves. Later on in the episode, it’s revealed that Blackbeard has kidnapped Koby the Hero.

Revolutionary Army gets the news

Meanwhile, the Revolutionary Army members learn about Sabo and the King Cobra news, but none of them believe in it.

Dragon doesn’t believe that Sabo has killed King Cobra either. However, he does say that if this is true, he would never forgive Sabo, who later calls them and tells them about his location.

However, the Navy is tapping their call and hears in on the conversation. Dragon then meets Kuma and asks him what happened.

Luffy’s second dream

Luffy hears about the Sabo news and is sure his brother didn’t do anything of that sort. Other crewmates don’t believe in the news either.

Luffy and friends also learn about Vivi’s dire circumstances and worry a lot for her, until Zoro reminds them how strong and resilient their friend is.

Luffy then reveals how he has another big dream he wants to accomplish. The specific details are not revealed in the episode but the reactions of his friends are in full display.

Everyone is shocked and laughs at his dream, which he says Ace, Sabo, and Shanks know about, and they all also laugh at how ridiculous his dream is.

Momonosuke takes after Oden

The preview for One Piece episode 1089 shows a montage of Momonosuke’s journey. He announces his desire to surpass his father as he is crowned the shogun of Wano.

The next episode will be a recapitulation of the new Wano shogun’s arduous and incredible journey to taking command of the country and following in his late father’s footsteps.

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