One Piece episode 1088 preview: Boa Hancock in peril

One Piece episode 1088 will see Hancock in great peril as she faces Blackbeard, while Luffy reveals his dream.

The Wano arc has concluded and Luffy and friends look on ahead for adventures aplenty on the seas.

The post-Wano story seems to be picking up the pace right off the bat, as Luffy’s friends are already dealing with perils in the form of formidable pirates and marines.

One Piece episode 1088, titled “Luffy’s Dream,” releases on December 16, 7:00 am EST.

Previously on: Terror at Amazon Lily

As Marco bids farewell to Shanks and then to Luffy and friends, Yamato reveals they’re not joining the Straw Hats crew after all, citing threats like Admiral Green Bull who will be targeting Wano now.

Koby raids Amazon Lily Island with his Navy fleet but the Blackbeard pirates also arrive, both parties eyeing the prize that is Boa Hancock.

The former Shichibukai confidently disposes of many marines as well as members of the Blackbeard crew, until Blackbeard himself arrives and easily incapacitates her.

Meanwhile, new scientific monstrosities in the form of miniature replicas of dangerous pirates have entered the battle arena at Amazon Lily.

These ferocious new creations are called the Seraphim, and so far they have managed to shock Blackbeard and repeatedly ignore Koby’s command, as they wreak havoc on the island.

As Koby looks on with nervousness and fear, Hancock remains unfazed in her tone, even as the circumstances become direst before the episode rolls the credits.

Rayleigh returns

The preview for Once Piece episode 1088 shows Rayleigh and Boa Hancock sitting together.

The former Pirate King’s crew member is soon arriving on Amazon Lily Island to help Hancock out of the pickle she’s found herself in.

Reverie & the Revolution

The preview also briefly flashes the images of the Revolutionary Army, which are going to be delved into in the next episode.

The episode may reveal what happened at Reverie. The preview whizzes past Dragon so it’s a given that he will be making an appearance in the next episode.

The second dream

Finally, the preview prominently talks about the oath that Luffy swore with Ace and Sabo when they were children.

Apart from being the king of the pirates, Luffy has one more dream, which he will reveal to his crewmates in episode 1088.

Hopefully, this also allows for some classic One Piece banter and bonding moments.

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