One Piece chapter 1103 spoilers: Kuma arrives at Egghead

The excitement within the One Piece community is palpable as fans eagerly await the release of Chapter 1103.

This chapter is significant as it marks the first of 2024, continuing the intense narrative from the previous chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1103 is scheduled for release on January 7, 2024. Here’s a breakdown of the short summary of the chapter.

The Climax of the Egghead Arc

Chapter 1103 is set to propel us into the climax of the Egghead arc. The previous chapter, “The Life of Kuma,” ended with an emotional flashback, setting the stage for the upcoming developments in the Egghead arc.

This transition indicates a potential shift in focus and possibly a ramp-up in action and plot progression.

Reflections on Kuma’s Life

Chapter 1102 was a deep dive into Kuma’s past, revealing his actions and motivations, particularly his connections to Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates.

This exploration of Kuma’s character adds layers of complexity to the ongoing narrative, impacting the current storyline in profound ways.

Bonney and Vegapunk

After Bonney peeked into Kuma’s memories, she apologised to Vegapunk, who gives her the 10 birthday present from Kuma; a sun-shaped sapphire necklace.

They also discussed how Kuma and Dragon were friends, and the coincidence that their children came together on Egghead.

Bonney vs. Saint Jaygarcia Saturn

Back to the present, Bonney, after learning the whole truth about her father’s past, goes up against the Gorosei Saint Saturn.

It is revealed that her Toshi Toshi no Mi powers are a result of him experimenting on her mother, Ginny, which is how she ended up with the Sapphire Scale disease.

Saturn wanted to replicate devil fruit powers through extracts, and carried out his experiments during Ginny’s time at Mary Geoise. Bonney inherited both the disease and powers.

Toshi Toshi no Mi

Bonney tries to imitate Nika again but her powers have weakened. Saturn thinks to himself that since Bonney hasn’t pieced together Luffy’s identity as Nika, she cannot replicate his powers.

All she knows is that Nika had rubber powers. He also states that the Toshi Toshi no Mi is limited if her knowledge about the future differs from reality.

Since her belief in Nika has started to wane, so have her powers. To make things worse, nobody can move in Saturn’s presence.

Luffy attempts a comeback

Luffy asks for food to recover quickly but nobody can help him. Kizaru finally wakes up and seems concerned about Sentomaru and Bonney.

Suddenly Saturn notices somebody has snuck food to Luffy. He orders the marines to quickly put him in seastone hand-cuffs.

Kuma Makes his Entrance

As Bonney begins to lose the battle, she apologises to her father that despite his sacrifice, she is ultimately going to die.

The marines are attacked by Kuma, who quickly makes his way towards Bonney, shocking Vegapunk and Saturn.

Concerned with this, Saturn throws Bonney to the ground and tries stabbing her with his leg, only to be shielded by Kuma, whose back is pierced.

He pulls out the leg and throws a punch towards Saturn coated with Haki. Although it doesn’t connect in this episode, Saturn’s face is full of concern.

Now that Kuma’s backstory has been explored fully, his grudge against the Gorosei member is apparent.

Since Saint Saturn was one of the primary reasons for his transformation into a cyborg, as well as his separation from Bonney, it makes complete narrative sense for him to confront him.


The outcome of this battle will likely shape the future of One Piece.

While it seems improbable that Kuma will take down Saint Saturn at Egghead, he might hold him off till the Strawhats are able to escape to Elbaf.

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