One Piece chapter 1097 spoilers: Monkey D. Dragon confirmed as former marine

The full summary for One Piece Chapter 1097 is out and it serves as a continuation of the flashback arc focusing on Bartholomew Kuma.

Essential details regarding Luffy’s father Monkey D. Dragon also come to light. Here’s a breakdown of the released spoilers:

The Miracle Hand

At 17 years old, Kuma serves as pastor. He uses his devil fruit ability to take away the pain of the citizens every week. He asks for only those with light pain or sickness as he absorbs the pain himself, just as Zoro did for Luffy at Thriller Bark.

Jinny pleads for him to stop but he states that someone needs to take their pain. If he just leaves it floating it will just go back to the original bodies. Kuma’s sacrificial nature is emphasised in this chapter.

Former King of the Kingdom of Sorbet

The new ruler of the Sorbet Kingdom, King Bekori, is revealed as a tyrant. He placed tax on the citizens to pay to the world government. He is described as “heartless” by the citizens. He is eavesdropping on the citizens’ conversations and even blushing.

The Freedom Army

25 years ago, when Kuma was 22 years old, Junny tried to convince him to get married. He avoids this as he does not want the two to suffer the same fate as his parents.

He changes the topic by calling Dragon “cool” and that he seems like a hero. He also wanted to go out to sea someday and help people.

22 years ago, Kuma rebelled against the king’s army for the people they kidnapped. They responded that they can do whatever they want with the “South” people as per the new law.

The King explained that the North consisted of those who paid the taxes, while the South was full of older people who could not. Kuma chooses this side and is jailed.

Led by Dragon and Ivankov, the Freedom Army overthrew the king of the Sorbet Kingdom. Following this, Kuma joined the Revolutionary Army.

Ivankov appears and says: “Hey Kuma, if you’re still the same person as back then, let’s go and change the world..”

Dragon’s past as a marine

After years and years of speculation, Dragon is finally confirmed as a former marine. He abandoned them after realising there was no true justice in the Marines.

The Revolutionary Army

The Freedom Army came about at the same time as the “Pirate Era” and “Tragedy of Ohara” was led by Dragon and Ivankov as the two pillars. This same army later transitioned into the Revolutionary Army.

Ginny also joined the Revolutionary Army. Dragon states that they still lack funds. He wants the Revolutionary Army to help rebellious factions depose their kings as well as train new recruits with weapons.

14 years ago, Kuma and Jinny were commanders of the Revolutionary Army. Jinny is the head of the East Army. She is excited to meet Kuma’s squad.

The chapter ends at the Revolutionary Army HQ in Baltigo with Dragon learning that Jinny has been kidnapped. The source of the news also says that the enemy was someone “unexpected”.

All of Oda’s recent chapters have revealed essential details and this is no different. Dragon’s past as a marine gives us more insight into him as a character as well as his relationship with Garp.

The chapter also sheds light on how Kuma ended up in the revolutionary army, which would shape the destiny of our protagonists in the future.

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