One Piece chapter 1095 spoilers: God Valley flashback and young Garling Figarland

The spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1095 unfold various exciting and dark elements of the story. Below are some key points from the spoilers:

Saturn’s Devil Fruit Powers

At the end of the last chapter, Bonny stabbed Saint Saturn. However, he is unfazed by this and quickly heals himself using his enigmatic powers.

As Dr. Vegapunk insinuates whether Saturn’s form is a result of a Devil Fruit, the Gorosei member attacks them with his aura. Bonny and Sanji are knocked out by this, but their heads remain intact. Saturn tries to stomp an exhausted Luffy, but Franky saves his captain.

Kizaru apologises to Saturn, who criticises him for his underwhelming performance against Luffy. When Saturn captures Bonny, she blames him for the death of her father, Bartholomew Kuma.

Kuma’s Race and Past

In the past, Kuma is shown to be dancing to the drums of liberation with Bonny. He tells her about the Sun God Nika and emphasises his desire to replicate him and liberate people.

Saturn reveals Kuma’s race in the present. He is a Buccaneer, who Saturn claims committed a sin in the past. They possess the blood of giants, making them extremely strong.

In another flashback, Kuma was born to a Buccaneer and a normal human. This news reached the government, leading to their capture. They were made into slaves for their strength.

After Kuma’s mother died, his father told him about Nika and danced for him. He was killed by a celestial dragon for ‘making too much noise’.

God Valley’s Dark History

38 years ago, the celestial dragons held tournaments in different non-government territories to eliminate troublesome slaves.

For this particular tournament. West Blue’s God Valley was chosen. It was famed for its resources and including the name of ‘God’. This is a big revelation, as many considered God Valley to be a territory of the celestial dragons in the past.

Young Garling Figarland

For this particular tournament, a young Garling Figarland is considered the favourite by the Celestial Dragons, who are even shown swooning over him.

Saturn is present as well during the tournament. He receives the news that the Buccaneer child who escaped has been recaptured.

The Revolutionaries

Young Kuma is shown being dragged by two other slaves. However, a young Emporia Ivankov appears to save him, alongside a young girl named Jinny.

Ivankov declares that he chooses to live and asks Kuma whether he wants to same.

God Valley Incident

This flashback will likely lead to the revelation of important details from the ‘God Valley Incident’, which saw a team-up of Vice Admiral Garp and Gol D. Roger taking down the Rocks Pirates.

At this time, the Rocks Pirates included Rocks D. Xebec, Whitebeard, Kaidou and Big Mom.

The Egghead Island arc has already shown pivotal moments in the series and this flashback would be a monumental addition if Oda continues to show it.

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