Omito Kawasemi: Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions character explained

Omito Kawasemi is a notable returning character in Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions. Jun Fukuyama voices the character in the anime.

Omito Kawasemi is an eccentric police detective who has a knack for tidiness and an eagle eye for the finest details.

In the limited appearances throughout the first season, Kawasemi goes through quite a character development.

The eccentricities

Omito Kawasemi is a police detective in the Aichi Prefectural Police and carries a distinct persona. He is full of idiosyncrasies like being a stickler for tidiness.

He carries tweezers with him at all times and uses them to point at and correct other people’s errors and mistakes in posture, fashion, and attitude, among other things.

Omito Kawasemi tweezers Ron Kampnohashi Netflix
Kawasemi with his tweezers

He can’t handle disorder and errors, and his penchant for correcting mistakes makes intimidates others, as he often has no regard for what kind of setting or environment he is in.

A tragic loss

He is nicknamed “Eagle Eye Kawasemi” due to his ultra-sharp observations. His eye for detail is immaculate and he also needs things to be in top-notch condition.

This leads to Yamane, his trusted right-hand man, setting unrealistically high standards for tidiness for himself. During the Hand Collector case, he ends up losing the handcuffs.

However, fearing Kawasemi and going up to him with the news that his clumsiness led to the disappearance of the handcuffs, Yamane alters a dead body to pin the disappearance of the handcuffs on the dead man.

He did all this so he didn’t have to contend with the failures of not upholding the Kawasemi standards. Yamane is later arrested and Kawasemi loses a prominent force.

The comeback

After Yamane’s arrest, Omito Kawasemi suffers from a slump and impostor syndrome. During this low time in his career, Toto and Ron arrive to lend a hand.

They help him find his groove back, and Kawasemi ends up finding the true identity of the criminal in the Mad Chameleon case.

He resumes his “Tweezer Discipline” and begins putting his eagle eye on the finer details, managing to weed out the guilty from a group of suspects.

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