Old Man Voll: Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End character explained

Old Man Voll is an elderly dwarf who is known to Frieren from her past in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.

During their travels, Frieren expresses a desire to visit an old acquaintance known as Old Man Voll.

Voll, a dwarf warrior, has dedicated hundreds of years to protecting a specific village. Upon their arrival, they encounter the elderly dwarf stationed at the village’s entrance.

Stark, upon seeing Voll, dismissively refers to him as decrepit.

Initially, Voll seems not to recognize Frieren, but she soon calls him out for feigning senility, a ruse he frequently employs.

Reacting swiftly, Old Man Voll launches an attack using his sheathed sword, catching Stark off guard and temporarily paralyzing him.

Voll remarks that most injuries occur when a warrior is unguarded, highlighting the importance of constant vigilance.

Frieren, seizing this teaching moment, informs Stark that he will be training with Voll during their stay, providing an opportunity for Stark to hone his skills and learn from the experienced warrior.

A noble promise

The villagers regard Old Man Voll as senile, unaware of his true reason for protecting their village. Thus, they are taken aback to witness his vigor when interacting with Frieren.

During their week-long stay, Voll diligently trains Stark, who makes commendable progress.

Voll confides in Frieren, reminiscing about when he first encountered her and the Hero’s party.

Old Man Voll and Frieren spent a lot of time reminiscing

He had shared with them his motivation for guarding the village: it was in memory of his human wife, who originated from there.

Voll expresses his determination to preserve her memory for as long as he lives.

This resolve strikes a chord with Frieren, inspiring her to keep the memories of Himmel and her other friends alive in her heart.

As their visit concludes, Voll extends his gratitude to Frieren for stopping by, which she reciprocates.

Meeting Voll rekindles cherished memories from her past, reminding her of the valuable moments shared with her party.

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