OiKatzo / Kei Uomi: Shangri-La Frontier character explained

Kei Uomi is a major supporting character in Shangri-La Frontier. The character is voiced by Makoto Koichi.

Kei Uomi is a professional gamer and a well-known one at that since he’s one of Japan’s best fighting gamers. Uomi is unrivaled when it comes to PvP battles.

The IRL pro

He is a part of a pro team as “Kei” but he has grown fond of trash games after meeting Hizutome, and it is one of these trash games where he first meets Hizutome.

They have been gamer buddies ever since and Uomi has developed a taste in trash games exactly like Sunraku, thanks to the latter’s company and influence on him.

He is a boastful fellow and likes to talk big, which is made evident by the remark Rakuro Hizutome makes while stumbling upon one of Uomi’s interviews in a magazine.

The gaming bro

Usually, Kei Uomi goes by “Katzo” as his gamer name, but for Shangri-La Frontier, he changes the core markers of his avatar and picks a new yet familiar name.

In Unite Rounds, he’s Katzo Tataki, the best mate of Hizutome’s Sunraku.

Katzo Shangri-La Frontier
Katzo (right) with Sunarku (Rakuro Hizutome) in Unite Rounds

Together, they go against the Pencil Knight, the cruel player killer, and the Dystopian Empress who had risen high enough for many to mistake her as the game’s final boss.

They are so good that they also manage to take her and her kingdom down, although in the end, she and Hizutome both end up dying in that game. They cherish the memories of that game to this day.

In Shangri-La Frontier, Kei Uomi is a pretty, spunky young girl who goes by “OiKatzo.” Hizutome notices that he tends to choose similar names far too often.

He is taken aback in a good way when he first encounters Emul in SLF and instantly wants a unique NPC for himself.

When it comes to playing, he excels at taking down the monsters, and he’s shown to do so with much more ease than it took Hizutome.

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