Nihilo’s death in Ishura explained

The latest episode of Ishura sees two formidable shuras, namely Nihilo the Vortical Stampede and Dakai the Magpie, face off against each other amid an ongoing war between Lithia and Aureatia.

Dakai the Magpie is a bandit and a master of the sword, with inhuman instincts, observation skills, and incredible battle acumen. 

Nihilo the Vortical Stampede is a revenant, piloting a seemingly indestructible and shockingly agile spider mech called Helneten. 

Both of the individuals are horrifying in their talents for wreaking havoc. When they face off against each other, the battle is short-lived but one for the legends.

Dakai’s failed attempt

Dakai lures Nihilo’s Helneten into the water and signs his men situated at the top of a tower to use the Cold Star on her. 

They shine the cold star and point its beam at her, which falls onto her with great fury, immobilizing the Helneten for a while. 

Dakai does this because he thinks the gap in the armor might start to bubble open once the air heats up. 

But Helneten is completely airtight, which renders Dakai’s orchestrated attack obsolete. 

Plus, heat and impact attacks do not affect Helneten, so Nihilo lives to gloat for more minutes.

The battle continues…

Nihilo then kills the men on the tower and flicks Dakai away; he survives the fall but sustains some injuries. 

He then faces her head-on and jumps atop the Helneten, quickly stabbing the part where it’s already been cut up, with a poison blade.

Dakai stabbing Helneten Ishura
Dakai stabbing Helneten’s armor in its vulnerable spot

Dakai had earlier nicked one of Higuare’s poison blades which he uses as his ultimate attack against Nihilo.

Using his otherworldly observational power, Dakai managed to spot even the flow of nerves in Helneten. 

The death

He rightly deduced that the arachnid mech is being controlled by nerves. All he then had to do was to cause the nerves to go haywire so the functionality was lost. 

Using his observation, he confirmed where he must induce a malfunction and which part of the brain to target with the poison that acts on nerves in order to open the hatch.

The hatch opens up and Dakai faces Nihilo, who tries to kill him with her cords that she quickly unplugs from Helneten, but Dakai is faster and slices her head clean off her torso.

The cut that Soujirou the Willow-Sword had made on Helneten’s armor, turns out to be a keyhole for Dakai the Magpie. 

Is Nihilo really dead?

However, Nihilo the Vortical Stampede’s death isn’t officially announced by the narrator, as has been the case with other major deaths in the show so far. 

Also, because she is a revenant and has been, self-admittedly, dead once before, there’s a chance that this is not the end for her just yet.

Whether her death is canon and confirmed or if she can be brought back somehow is up to the future episodes of Ishura

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