Nihilo the Vortical Stampede: Ishura character explained

Nihilo the Vortical Stampede is a revenant created by an unknown demon lord, who’s currently fighting Aureatia’s war on Lithia as a mighty bioweapon. Rie Takahashi voices the character in the anime Ishura.

She is a Cataphract. She is a revenant. She is Nihilo the Vortical Stampede.

Reputation most menacing

Nihilo the Vortical Stampede single-handedly annihilated a whole regional army in Aureatia.

According to the records, she is the most horrific bioweapon there is. Hidow knows of her terrifying powers and seeks to use them in the war against Lithia.

She is a prisoner of Aureatia and is released at the orders of Hidow the Clamp, the twentieth minister who’s leading the charge against the New Principality of Lithia. 

When Hidow learns that his assassination plot targeting Taren is no longer a guaranteed success, he orders Nihilo to destroy the whole of Lithia by herself. 

Helneten the Burial

She is finally allowed access to her real body, the tarantula Helneten the Burial. It is a giant spider mech that sports a mighty imposing stature. 

Nihilo is described as being of the dead, and by the way she talks and Soujiro makes his observation, it’s clear that she is a reanimated person who truly comes alive and becomes a whole being when linked with Helneten.

One looks at its immediately menacing size and build, and is terrified of what it can be capable of. 

Nihilo and Helneten the Burial Ishura
Nihilo standing in front of Helneten the Burial

Certainly, those fears are justified once Nihilo enters the Helneten, and links with it using the cords that emerge from her back. 

Arsenal and capabilities

The two bodies give rise to one being, which is capable of traversing any sort of challenging terrain with ease. 

Nihilo can adapt to the immense weight and speed of her steed that devastates the terrain when it traverses it — only because she is a reanimated person. 

She kills enemies with long-range weapons that can cut through hordes in a single sweep, piercing the comparatively fragile bodies with web-like projectiles

The Helneten comes laced with not just weapons, but also armor that blocks all common attacks as well as not-so-common ones. 

She has admitted herself that not even an ogre’s axe or a dragon’s breath can damage her armor.

At last, it’s her relentless ferocity, and undying nature that makes her such a singular force to be reckoned with.

The deal

Nihilo requested some favors in exchange for her help win Hidow and Aureatia, the war with Lithia. 

Her request entails equal rights with the minian races and official citizenship of Aureatia. 

Hidow tells her he will get her the approval she needs and that nobody can refute. 

If she succeeds, she will also be enrolled in a school, per one of her requests. 

She will be able to live as she pleases, at least as far as Hidow’s words are worth, should she win the war.

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