Neans in Metallic Rouge explained

In Metallic Rouge, Neans live alongside humans and hold a significant place in society. 

Metallic Rouge introduces a world where androids coexist with humans. These androids follow human commands and are called Neans.

Neans are an intricate part of human society on Mars. They are employed in various kinds of jobs, particularly those related to manual labor.

Humanity’s greatest weapon

Years ago, aliens from another galaxy came to Earth. These aliens, the Visitors, were friendly, but later, more of them came and attacked humans.

The aliens who attacked were called Usurpers, and they waged war on humanity, which is referred to as the Great Space War.

In this war, Mars became humanity’s last line of defense. Humans made several weapons to fight the aliens on Mars, and one of them was Neans.

Neans fought alongside humans against the Usurpers and played a major role in the Great Space War. They ultimately proved to be the most powerful weapons that humans possessed.

Neans’ place in society 

Although Neans fought for humans in the Great Space War, they are now treated as second-class citizens.

In this society, humans exert control over Neans, reducing them to the role of mere servants. They are required to follow human orders without having any autonomy of their own.

Neans need to inject themselves with a substance called Nectar every day. If they do not take a shot of Nectar, they cease to function and are discarded.

Sometimes, humans are unnecessarily cruel to them. They steal their Nectar despite knowing that Neans stop operating without it.

Metallic Rouge Neans
A Nean stops functioning after failing to take Nectar

Even when Neans are discriminated against and tormented, they cannot retaliate because they have the Asimov Code programmed into their hearts.

The Asimov Code prevents Neans from harming humans, confining them to a life of oppression.

A group called Aletheia oversees the activities of Neans. It is not hard to tell Neans apart from humans, as Neans have scars all over their bodies.

However, there are Neans, such as Rouge, who do not have scars on their bodies and look just like humans. 

All Neans have a Nectar intake unit on their bodies, but the intake unit of some Neans, like Sarah Fitzgerald, is hidden.

The human-like appearance of these Neans allows them to seamlessly blend in with humans. Furthermore, Neans like Rouge can fight humans as well.

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