Naomi Orthmann: Metallic Rouge character explained

In Metallic Rouge, as Rouge Redstar’s partner, Naomi Orthmann aids Rouge in their missions. Naomi is voiced by Tomoyo Kurosawa and Cassie Ewulu.

While Rouge is still young and has much to learn, her partner, Naomi, is considerably smarter and more mature.

Naomi is sent to Mars to assist Rouge in capturing and eliminating the Immortal Nine. Rouge engages in combat with Neans like herself, and Naomi serves as the strategist of the team.

She analyzes Rouge’s targets and advises her on how to defeat them. Naomi operates special birds that allow her to observe her targets from a safe distance.

She can also use the birds to contact Rouge when the two of them cannot be seen together. Naomi considers the birds her outside persona.

From Rouge’s partner to her friend

Like Rouge, Naomi works for Aletheia, also known as the Ministry of Truth, but, unlike Rouge, Naomi possesses extensive knowledge of weapons and the history of the Great Space War.

Initially, Rouge and Naomi do not get along all the time. Naomi believes that an agent cannot act on their free will, which means there is no such thing as freedom.

She considers Rouge nothing but a tool used by Aletheia. However, she later regrets reducing Rouge to a mere piece of equipment.

Naomi eventually admits to Rouge that neither of them are tools. She exercises her free will to help Rouge when she gets into trouble with the CFN.

This marks a turning point in Rouge and Naomi’s relationship. Additionally, she acknowledges Rouge’s increasing intelligence and maturity. 

As they find and defeat the Immortal Nine one by one, the two of them grow closer. Their partnership evolves into friendship.  

They support and rescue each other whenever it is necessary, and they do it because they both want to.

Metallic Rouge Naomi Orthmann
Naomi comes to Rouge’s rescue

When Rouge is kidnapped by the traveling carnival, Naomi comes to save Rouge, and the two of them make it out alive only because they help each other.

The bond that they have developed is threatened when Naomi turns out to be the mole that Ochrona has planted within Aletheia. She is from the Department of Divinities.

Naomi arrests Rouge, but she does it to protect her from getting disassembled. It is then revealed that Naomi is also a Nean.

Her real name is First, and she was created by the Visitors to make contact with humans. Once she tells Rouge the whole truth and resolves their differences, she decides to fight by her side to stop the Usurpers.

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