My Hero Academia: Was All Might quirkless before One For All?

In the vast world of My Hero Academia, superpowers — known as Quirks — are the norm, and the hero, All Might, stands tall as a symbol of peace and a beacon of hope. 

However, the journey of Toshinori Yagi, the man behind All Might, wasn’t always filled with the strength and power that fans recognize. 

Delving into his backstory reveals a humbling origin, one where he started as a Quirkless individual, much like the series’ protagonist, Izuku Midoriya.

Quirkless Beginnings

Unlike most of his peers, Toshinori Yagi was born without a Quirk. This was a rare occurrence in a world where the majority possessed some sort of superhuman ability. 

The young Toshinori faced many of the same challenges and prejudices that Midoriya encountered early in the series. 

These experiences of being different and marginalized for lacking a Quirk played a significant role in shaping All Might’s unyielding sense of justice and made him empathize with Quirkless people like him.

One For All

Despite his lack of a Quirk, Toshinori’s tenacious spirit and perseverance to become a hero caught the attention of Nana Shimura, the seventh user of the One For All Quirk. 

Recognizing his potential and the purity of his intentions, she chose him as her successor. 

One For All, a unique Quirk passed down from one user to the next, accumulates the power of each user, making it exponentially stronger with each passing generation. 

Entrusted with this power, Toshinori began his journey to become the hero the world would come to idolize. 

The Symbol of Peace

Empowered by One For All, Toshinori’s transformation into All Might was not just physical. He finally became a beacon of hope in a world riddled with crime and fear of villains. 

His immeasurable powers made him a hero that both villains feared and citizens revered. Furthermore, his presence was often enough to deter crime, and his famous smile reassured many.

Coming Full Circle

All Might’s recognition of the struggles faced by the Quirkless led him to a fateful encounter with Izuku Midoriya. 

Seeing his younger self in Midoriya’s passionate drive to become a hero despite lacking a Quirk, All Might chose him as the next successor of One For All. 

This moment mirrored his own journey, as he took the mentor role, passing on his powers and their legacy to the next generation.

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