My Hero Academia: How is All for One different from One for All?

My Hero Academia
, created by Kohei Horikoshi, is a manga and anime series that delves into a world filled with heroes and villains, each equipped with unique powers called Quirks. 

Among these Quirks, two stand out due to their influence on the story and their intertwining histories: All for One and One for All. Here are the qualities and differences between the two.


All for One: This Quirk belongs to the main antagonist, also called All for One

Originating from the early days of the Quirk era, All for One has the terrifying ability to steal Quirks from others and keep them for himself or bestow them on someone else. 

Over time, he has accumulated a multitude of Quirks, making him one of the most formidable foes in the series.

One for All: This Quirk was born as a reaction to All for One’s tyranny. Originally, All for One transferred a Quirk to his quirkless younger brother, which allowed him to stockpile power. 

However, the younger brother already had a hidden Quirk that allowed him to transfer his Quirk to others. 

The merging of these two Quirks resulted in One for All. Over the years, this power was passed down from one user to another, accumulating strength with each generation.


All for One

Quirk Stealing: The primary ability of All for One is to take Quirks from others, either leaving them Quirkless or, in some cases, killing them.

Quirk Bestowal: Not only can he steal Quirks, but he can also grant them to others, which he has used to create loyal followers and experiment on individuals.

Quirk Combination: He can also combine the effects of multiple Quirks for devastating attacks or defense.

All for One MHA
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One for All

Power AccumulationOne for All gets stronger with each person it’s passed on to, accumulating energy and power from each user.

Quirk Transference: Unlike All for One, which can steal and give Quirks, One for All can only be passed on willingly when the current user wants to transfer the power.

Echoes of Previous Users: Users of One for All can sometimes interact with or receive guidance from the relics of previous holders, providing insights or even new ways to use the Quirk.


All for One: Represents tyranny, control, and selfishness. The entire philosophy behind All for One’s power is based on hoarding and dominance. He takes power from others to increase his strength and manipulates his followers by granting them Quirks.

One for All: Symbolizes hope, unity, and selflessness. It’s the literal opposite of All for One. The power is nurtured and grown over generations and is willingly passed down to worthy successors.

Its entire purpose is to defeat All for One and bring hope to the world.

Major Users

All for One: Primarily used by the villain who shares its name. His reign of terror and manipulation has stretched for generations, making him a constant threat in the world of My Hero Academia.

One for All: Has been passed down through eight users before reaching its ninth, the series’ protagonist, Izuku Midoriya. Notable users include Nana Shimura and Toshinori Yagi (All Might), the latter being the world’s number-one hero and Midoriya’s mentor.

While both Quirks, All for One and One for All, can deal with the transference of powers, their origins, uses, and philosophies are exact opposites, making them crucial parts of the series’ narrative.

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