Monsters 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation summary and ending explained

In Monsters 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation, a samurai fights for a woman who lost her loved ones when a dragon surfaced in their town.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Ten years ago, the Dragon’s Horn, a unique treasure with mysterious powers, was stolen. During this era, dragons descended from the skies, wreaking havoc and terrorizing the land.

In the present day, Ryuma, a samurai seeking sustenance, finds himself in a town. Simultaneously, Shirano, a Master Swordsman renowned as the second-best to the greatest, the King, is also present in the town.

The town is celebrating Shirano. Flair, a young waitress, is particularly happy to meet him again.

Seven years ago, Flair’s village fell victim to a surprise dragon attack, resulting in its complete destruction. Shirano, however, managed to save Flair, earning her unwavering respect and admiration.

Despite the town’s focus on Shirano, Flair ensures Ryuma receives a meal. He has not eaten for the past five days.

Hence, upon receiving food from Flair, he starts seeing Flair as his savior and vows to repay her someday.

As Shirano departs from the restaurant where Flair works to continue his journey, he accidentally collides with Ryuma’s scabbard.

This incident triggers Ryuma, leading him to challenge Shirano to a duel. Although Shirano swiftly defeats Ryuma, he recognizes Ryuma’s exceptional swordsmanship.

Adding to this, Ryuma’s sword effortlessly cleaves a bronze statue in two. Post-defeat, Ryuma learns of Shirano’s story, acknowledging his potential as a true warrior akin to the King.

Ryuma also expresses his desire to fight the King someday. Outside the restaurant, Ryuma encounters another man who provokes him by striking his scabbard.

The man falsely accuses Ryuma of attempting to steal the Dragon’s Horn from him. He plays the horn out of desperation.

Chaos ensues as the village panics, believing a dragon is imminent due to Ryuma’s actions. The enraged crowd seeks retribution, and Flair slaps Ryuma, branding him a murderer.

Ryuma denies responsibility, while Shirano steps forward, offering to face the dragon.

Flair, fearing for Shirano’s life, opposes the idea of him sacrificing himself to defeat the dragon.

However, Shirano persuades her that this is his last chance to settle this once and for all. Following that, the town initiates evacuation procedures.

Ending explained:

Flair sees Shirano for who he is

As everyone departs, Ryuma and Flair remain in the town. Flair is determined to stop Shirano from sacrificing himself.

Hence, she runs to him, while Ryuma does his best to stop her. Her persistence leads her to uncover the truth about Shirano.

She discovers that Shirano and DR, the man who accused Ryuma, are in cahoots, scheming to seize the village’s gold for themselves by staging this fake dragon attack.

It becomes apparent that this is not their first time orchestrating a dragon attack. Seven years prior, they staged a similar incident in Flair’s village.

Back then, apart from stealing from the village, Shirano thought of gaining fame as well by falsely claiming to have saved Flair.

Ryuma fights for Flair

Flair experiences immediate regret for labeling Ryuma a murderer after discovering the truth about the person she had long admired.

Heartbroken, she retreats to her restaurant, shedding tears in solitude, while Ryuma confronts Shirano and DR.

Shirano’s disregard for colliding with another man’s scabbard reveals he lacks the true warrior’s heart.

Shirano and DR mock the concept of such a heart and decide to eliminate Ryuma and frame him. However, Ryuma, who is a skilled swordsman himself, effortlessly defeats Shirano.

In disbelief, DR unveils the actual Dragon’s Horn, threatening Ryuma with its power. He asserts that only he can control the dragon.

Ignoring DR’s pleas, Ryuma proceeds to take him out as well.

The best swordsman

Despite DR’s defeat, a dragon descends upon the town. Flair, prepared to face death alongside her town, stands before the dragon.

Ryuma intervenes to save Flair. He swiftly defeats the dragon by beheading it, although he loses his balance when landing following that.

Ryuma tells Flair to abandon suicidal thoughts. He also claims to have repaid his debt for giving him food and jokingly demands a free meal, as he fought for her not once but twice.

Following Ryuma’s departure, and with the revelation of Shirano and DR’s true identities, a villager recalls the name of the King—Ryuma the King.

It turns out that Ryuma is the King, the world’s greatest swordsman, possessing the heart and soul of a true warrior.

In a different era, Zoro engages in a conversation with the deceased Ryuma while taking his sword, acknowledging him as a genuine swordsman in both body and spirit.

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