Mike Moriss: Ninja Kamui character explained

In Ninja Kamui, Higan forms an unlikely partnership with an FBI special agent named Mike Moriss, voiced by Atsushi Ono in Japanese and Shawn Hamilton in English.

Mike is an experienced FBI agent who is set to retire soon. He is investigating the recent serial killings, unaware that all the victims are exiled ninjas. 

Higan’s family also falls victim to the clan, leaving Mike and his partner, Emma, to investigate their murders. 

When Mike first meets Higan, he immediately deduces that Higan is aware of the murderers’ identities but is choosing not to reveal them. 

Years of experience as a special agent lead him to decide to keep an eye on Higan, and his decision proves to be wise, as Emma witnesses the ninjas attacking Higan.

Partnership with Higan

The higher-ups in the FBI, influenced by AUZA, want the case to be dropped, but Mike is determined to bring the murderers to justice.

Despite being taken off the case, he chooses to continue working on it, ignoring the orders as well as the advice of his boss and ex-partner. 

Mike discovers that the man he knows as Joe Logan does not exist, nor does his family; they have been using aliases all along. 

Mike’s hunch about this case being related to the serial murders turns out to be correct, leading him to suspect that something fishy is going on. 

It is then that Higan, seeking vengeance for his family’s deaths, contacts Mike for help. The two of them meet but are attacked by ninjas. 

Thanks to Higan, they manage to survive, but not before Mike learns about the involvement of ninjas in the serial murders. 

Higan also reveals to Mike that he is a ninja and has been living under the alias Joe Logan, using technology that allows him to change his face.

Mike investigates the weapons used by the ninjas and discovers a connection to a multinational enterprise, AUZA. 

Despite knowing that AUZA wields influence over the FBI, Mike chooses to partner with Higan and continue investigating the case.

Ninja Kamui Mike Moriss
Mike joins forces with Higan

Mike’s unwavering commitment 

Instead of opting for an easy retirement, Mike risks getting fired by refusing to drop the case because he believes that protecting citizens is his duty.

His commitment to his duty is rooted in his past, particularly the memory of his deceased son. 

On the day of his son’s death, Mike was busy working. His wife kept calling him, but he did not answer his phone. She left him because he prioritized his work over his family. 

However, Mike still has the drawing his son made, a reminder of his love. The drawing reflects his son’s belief that Mike protected everyone from harm.

Mike’s partnership with Higan draws the attention of Yamaji. Although Yamaji does not currently see him as a threat, Mike will be targeted by the clan if necessary. 

Despite facing repeated attacks from the clan whenever he is with Higan, Mike remains undeterred and continues working with him to expose AUZA’s illegal activities.

At the same time, he makes it clear to Higan that if he ever kills anyone, even those who murdered his family, he will carry out his duty and arrest him.

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