Migi & Dali explained: What is the new anime about?

Migi & Dali (Migi to Dari) is a distinguished manga from the creative mind of Nami Sano, finding its place in Enterbrain’s seinen manga magazine Harta from July 2017 until November 2021, later being compiled into seven volumes.

The tale has made a transition to the screen with an anime adaptation by Geek Toys and CompTown, making its debut in October 2023.

Plot Summary

The saga unfolds around the Sonoyama family, childless and elated at the advent of their adopted son. Yet, the narrative takes a surprising twist as the family discovers that Hitori, their new son, has a twin.

Actually named Migi and Dali, these twins share an uncanny sync, seamlessly switching places unbeknownst to others. The unfolding narrative dives deep into the unique motives behind their actions and the hidden truths they bear, becoming the crux of the storyline.


Set in quaint Orgon village, the backdrop gradually reveals itself as the narrative progresses. The family dynamics intertwined with the twins’ engagements within the town construct a pivotal part of the storyline.


The anime is nestled in the seinen manga category, targetted at young adult to adult male readers. The narrative is a blend of comedy and suspense, weaving light-hearted episodes with riveting suspenseful sequences.

Main Characters


Together with Dali, his twin brother, Migi was welcomed into the Sonoyama family. Unlike Dali, who tends to be more serious and manipulative, Migi is the emotionally expressive one, with a gentle nature.

However, this sometimes leads him to become distracted from the goal at hand. He exhibits a more decadent expression, showcasing a more compassionate demeanour. His dominant hand being the right further differentiates him from his twin.


Alongside his brother, Dali found a home with the Sonoyama family. Contrasting with his brother’s emotional tendencies, Dali is the analytical thinker of the duo, taking a calm and collected approach when considering situations, albeit acknowledging Migi’s feelings.

Despite being the elder twin, he displays moments of toughness in front of Migi, showcasing a protective or perhaps assertive stance. His dominant hand is his left, contrary to his brother.


Delving into familial bonds, secrets, and the unique dynamics between the twins, the story crafts a suspense-filled ambience around the brothers’ deeds and the mysteries they guard.

Migi & Dali unfurls a distinctive narrative laden with captivating characters and a medley of comedic and suspenseful elements.

The anime adaptation has expanded its reach, inviting a broader audience to delve into the enigmatic and whimsical world of Migi, Dali, and the Sonoyama family.

Where to Watch?

The anime is available to stream on Crunchyroll and has one episode released so far.

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