Megumi and Toji Fushiguro’s relationship in Jujutsu Kaisen explained

Jujutsu Kaisen delves into a world where Cursed Spirits, born from negative human emotions, threaten mankind. To combat these spirits, Jujutsu Sorcerers harness techniques based on Cursed Energy. 

At the heart of this tale is Megumi Fushiguro, a student at Tokyo Jujutsu High, and his complex relationship with his father, Toji Fushiguro.

Megumi’s Story

Megumi is introduced as a composed and stoic individual, deeply rooted in his sense of morality. 

He possesses the “Ten Shadows Technique,” a rare and powerful cursed technique that allows him to summon divine dogs, birds, and other shikigami to aid him in battle. 

Throughout the series, Megumi’s background remains a mystery, but it’s clear that he holds some burdens and regrets related to his family.

Toji Fushiguro: The Sorcerer Killer

Toji Fushiguro stands as an anomaly in the Jujutsu world. Born into the renowned Zenin clan, he was expected to possess strong cursed energy. However, Toji was born without any, making him an outcast. 

Yet, this drawback turned into his most significant advantage. Without cursed energy, he’s invisible to many cursed spirits and, coupled with his unparalleled physical abilities, he becomes a formidable assassin known as the “Sorcerer Killer.”

Toji’s life was dictated by his practical approach, where power and survival were essential. His disdain for the Jujutsu world and its traditions led him to abandon his son, Megumi, shortly after birth.

An Absent Father

Megumi grew up without the presence or knowledge of his father. He was instead raised by others, including the Gojo family, particularly Satoru Gojo, who recognized Megumi’s potential early on. 

His understanding of family is largely shaped by his sister, Tsumiki, whom he deeply cares for, and his experiences at the Jujutsu High, where he forms bonds with fellow students.

Toji and Megumi Fushiguro’s paths eventually cross, but not under familial terms. Instead, they meet as adversaries on the battlefield. 

Their encounter is charged with intensity, not because of their shared blood, but because of their contrasting beliefs and the immediate threats they pose to each other. 

Megumi, at this point, isn’t fully aware of the depth of their relationship.

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Contrasting Views

While their direct interactions in the series are limited, the underlying contrasts between Megumi and Toji are profound. 

Megumi, despite the adversities he faces, is bound by a sense of duty. He aims to reform the Jujutsu world and protect those dear to him, especially after witnessing the injustices and flaws of the sorcerer society.

Toji, in stark contrast, rejects these very systems. He seeks freedom from tradition and the expectations of the Jujutsu world. 

To him, power is the ultimate liberator, and he pursues it, often at the cost of morality and relationships.


The relationship between Megumi and Toji Fushiguro in Jujutsu Kaisen is layered with complexities. 

It’s not a typical father-son dynamic but rather a narrative tool that showcases two distinct philosophies forged from personal experiences within the same harsh world. 

Their shared bloodline does not bind them with affection but instead intertwines their fates in battles of ideals and survival. 

As Megumi continues to grow and navigate the challenges of the Jujutsu world, Toji’s shadow, his skills, and his beliefs undoubtedly play a role in shaping Megumi’s journey.

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