Matt Cugat: The Witch and the Beast character explained

In The Witch and the Beast, Matt Cugat serves as the commander of the Third Continent Paladin Corps’ 6th Batallion. Akira Ishida voices Cugat.

Matt Cugat is a human being, but his powers are on par with those of the witches. He is described as the “Man of Ice”.

Cugat forged a pact with a primordial force to rival the witches: a great ice elemental. He is an elemental mage.

Before Guideau can go up against Helga Velvette, whom the Paladin Corps are hunting down, Ashaf warns her not to assume that she can easily beat Cugat if she sees him.

Matt Cugat’s nature

Matt Cugat stands out as a cold and confident warrior bent on fulfilling his duties. He doesn’t hesitate to leave his aides behind and go up against enemies on his own.

Cugat confronts Gudieau and Helga

Matt Cugat is described as righteous and someone who likes to go by the book, which makes him harder to manipulate.

A mistake

Ashaf and Guideau face Matt Cugat while helping Helga, whom Ashaf thinks is innocent. As expected, Cugat proves to be a strong adversary full of surprises. He impresses Ashaf.

However, Matt Cugat and the Paladin Corps have been manipulated by a man posing as an emissary from the Holy Church.

The man has a lot of information on Helga, and most of it turns out to be true, prompting Cugat to believe him and make sure to bring the Demon Sword into custody.

Matt Cugat is able to defeat Helga and Guideau and bring the sword to the Paladin Corps. However, it’s when he has a conversation with Ashaf that Cugat realizes that they have been played.

Ashaf explains how Helga is possibly being framed for the six murders that the Paladin Corps is investigating.

He even points out that this work could be of the Executioners, a secret force of witch hunters, the dark side of the Paladin Corps.

Ashaf also guesses that someone assisted Cugat, posing as a helper. Cugat calls Ashaf’s claims non-sensical until the command center stops responding to him and someone stabs him in the back.

One of his soldiers uses fire to take down Cugat. The man posing as an emissary from the Holy Church smartly used Cugat as a pawn. Now that Cugat knows everything, it is right to dispose of him.

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