Masayoshi Hashimoto: Classroom of the Elite character explained

Masayoshi Hashimoto is a member of Class 1-A and Arisu Sakayanagi’s right-hand man. Yōhei Azakami and Austin Tindle voice the character.

Masayoshi Hashimoto aligns himself with Arisu Sakayanagi very early on in the school year rather than Katsuragi.

He is quite accomplished in studies and extracurriculars and believes that Sakayanagi is better equipped to lead Class A to graduation.

A shrewd operator

Masayoshi throws himself in the way to protect Sakayanagi when Ryuuen attacks her after she provokes him.

He is quick on his feet and capable of taking such a sturdy blow. He is a part of Kiyotaka’s group in the mixed training camp.

He always has a calm demeanor and generally doesn’t ruffle too many feathers, although he occasionally enjoys poking fun at others for his amusement.

He is seen having a secret meeting with Ryuuen but brushes off Miyabi Nagumo’s questions about said meeting.

Masayoshi follows Kiyotaka to confirm whether he is Class 1-C’s mastermind and he sees him having a meeting with Kei Karuizawa.

He interrupts them and tries to probe into the specifics of their relationship but neither of them gives away much.

He does ask Kei on a date before being rebuffed. When the rumors begin to spread about everyone in the class, Kiyotaka suggests that Masayoshi is involved.

His reasoning is that there is a rumor stating that Kiyotaka has a crush on Kei, and Masayoshi is the only one who sees them meeting together.

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